an imageteller captures image celebrations.

sharing image tales broadens an artistic expression.

doing so, brings this particular creative indescribable joy.

what is your image story? perhaps I can help you tell it! 



Prospective Parts :: Tops And Bottoms

July 15, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

i want to earmark an opportunity i had to show some nude work with this blog post.

if you are offended by nudity, two of these images may not be of interest to you.

these shots were taken during my winter artist residency

i had many who were open to modeling for me

i had a very crude light set up

and was learning as I went along.

catherine, kim and nik are represented in this show.

i have specific ideas about working with lights

and a look that pleases me

verses a look that doesn't.

i am not a fan of studio photography, at least the standard studio. 

i did not bring this light set up with me since moving west

so, it's been some time now that i've had the opportunity to do work like this.

my 6 pieces were placed in a corner.

my own little corner

the work is small

5 x 7 

matted strongly in dark black and a black frame

they look really great.

one has to step into them to really see them.

In observing folks interacting with my hanging

many backed away.

several spoke outloud of discust


the gallery did not offer a nudity warning.

my fellow artisans in this group show

had nudity as well.

subtle, and very lovely works. 

fellow artists: cyndi carter, katie howard, francia orozco


The opening:



(professional and careful hanging by gallery volunteers --- thank you!)












































































































































































Bird Series :: On Consignment

July 07, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

VERY excited to announce that I will be releasing a select bird themed group of collages.

It's been awhile since I've sent a collection into a vending circumstance and I am delighted.

Curated from Project 2017 theme BIRDS - 16 pieces were numbered, signed, journaled about, and packaged.  

They will be on consignment at Brazen Shop + Studio, parallel to the second month of the Inspirit-Form's tour.



Prospective Parts - Group Show At MakeShift In July

June 11, 2018  •  Leave a Comment







For the month of July, Make.Shift Gallery has invited four unique local artists for an exhibition titled,

“Prospective Parts.” Through a variety of mediums, each artist’s practice focuses on complex representations of

the human body. In different ways, each artist’s work raises interesting questions about the body’s role as a

political landscape, a spiritual vehicle, and a visual subject.


Francia Orozco’s bright and bold paintings are heavily influenced by her Mexican culture and her

experience as an immigrant, minority, and woman in this country. Karen Hanrahan’s up-close black and white

photographs, captured by a simple point and shoot camera, have been described as organic, narrative, and

authentic. Using her own photos for reference to focus on areas of fine detail, Katie Howard’s large-scale

paintings depict scenes of craving and hunger. Through mixed media pieces that combine black and white

photography, collage, and embroidery, Cydni Carter creates complex and layered maps of that which we call

the soul.


We hope to see you at the opening of “Prospective Parts” on Friday July 6th, from 6-10pm. The show

will be on display through the month of July.


For more information about Art Walk or Make.Shift please visit

our website at or contact the gallery director, Jessyca Murphy at





Make.Shift July Art Walk

Event Details


WHAT: Art Walk; Prospective Parts: Works by Francia Orozco, Karen Hanrahan, Katie Howard, and

Cydni Carter


WHEN: Friday, July 6th, 2018 6-10PM

WHERE: Make.Shift Art Space 306 Flora St. in downtown Bellingham

COST: Free!

CONTACT: Jessyca Murphy


Prospective Parts Logo by Jessyca Murphy 

Make.Shift Art Space is a DIY art and music venue dedicated to innovative alternative art and music.

The 8,000-square-foot space includes an art gallery, live all-ages music venue and 18 individual art and music

studios. Here we provide a home for painters, printmakers, photographers, sculptors, musicians, and whoever

else needs an affordable place to make a mess and show it off.


Inspirit Form Continues Tour at Brazen Shop and Studio

June 06, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

In it's third installation,  Inspirit-Form - a 22 piece collage show, now hangs through June and July at Brazen Shop + Studio in Downtown Bellingham. 

Hung by shop owners with great care, with signage that makes me feel like a rock star, and folks who say hey didn't i see this hanging at the coop!

Yup, Inspirit - Form is on tour.

commentary from it's last hanging:

" If you haven't had a chance to check out Karen's work in person, now's your chance! I had the pleasure of an up-close viewing while munching a sandwich at the Cordata Food Co-op yesterday. It has such an epic and important feel to it, and when you see multiple pieces together it really comes together as a cohesive, poignant, chilling, yet inspiring body of work (chilling in a good way)." 



Group Photography Show At Lucky Monkey

June 06, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Three rather random framed photographs of mine are now hanging in a group show at a lovely eclectic gift shop known as The Lucky Monkey in downtown Bellingham. YAY! All have circulated in one way or another before. The group is a FB group known as Seeing Bellingham. Participants responded to a call for art. 

Corn, was in a show in central illinois, a group show with the theme uh,"corn". I was rather honored to have my piece show in Eaton Gallery's front window that month. I was invited to the theme and took way too many corn images in preparation. ( grin ) 

The cow named Forest was my neighbor, he was a breach baby, he and his mama almost died - he was born in a patch of forest at the back end of the property - thus the name. Not having been around cows before I enjoyed taking images of them when i lived there! I attended a local photography conference and my peers voted my cow "portrait" as ART, which was very affirming for me.

The last piece is a nasturtium. I am not much of a gardener, but sometimes I can get a container or two going. I love watching things grow. Nasturtium seeds are always fast growing and plentiful. Add that they are beautiful and edible, well that's a win win for all. This image was taken during a project on the topic of cooking with beans. Had the images I shot been published this would have been one chosen. It juried into a summer show at the Janson Art Center. 

All of the above are for sale. 

When the above are not showing they have hung in my home.  




Photography = a never ending opportunity to capture visual celebrations.