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doing so, brings this particular creative indescribable joy.

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Make.Shift Call For Art :: Making History

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I am submitting a collage to this call for art - super great art making prompt from Make.Shift Making Space 

I had to go to this neat reference library and source an old photograph. i picked this one because it was so crisp and clear. I also thought i could superimpose a modern scenario fairly simply and get the idea i had in my head into a reality or finished piece.

have to say it came together rather nicely!

not pictured here is the cheesy ornate plastic frame I put it in.

which i think was perfect for it!!

( a friend is dropping this off for me while i am off on vacation. thanks sara!! ) 




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i belong to a FB group where folks post what they "see" in our community. the group is large, sharing, positive and kind. the range of imagery and photograph talent is vast. in this group i have felt really welcome,  and i've affirmed that my photography is unique in it's own way - my work is unlike what many others photograph.  As an artist I need that reassurance.  i have seen some remarkable photography and grown to admire many of the creatives in that group.  i've also met some of these folks, and i feel i have met some friends because of this group. which has been especially wonderful. this last month one of my images made the cover for the group page. It may seem silly but being on the cover has been such an honor for me!! 

this particular image tells a particular story, i had just moved. i moved farther into the county, as a matter of fact i moved so far north that i am just two blocks from canada. ha!! when you live this far out in the county some of your basic needs are less accessible - a grocery store for one, and a hardware store with flexible hours...another. on this day i had to go back to that big box hardware store because of one part. one single error. the round trip trek is FIFTY miles. i was SO angry.

As always nature seems to provide, and nature usually calms me - on the way back the day light at this circle intersection was so shadowy and elongated that i drove around and around snapping multiple drive by captures of it. the gesture of going around in circles just made me laugh. I felt much better.  this photograph sums it all up perfectly



Why Make Art

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I have been thinking lately about the compulsion to create.  For those of us who are artists - we get it, but does someone not into making really understand?  As many years as I have been tearing found images into collages, none have felt like these recent years.  I see, think, wonder and sometimes even dream in collage.  I love this compulsion. My making process affirms itself over and over. Images choose me, and an artful flow knowingly becomes something finished. It perpetuates. THIS is why I make art. The making is very self defining

In a cerebral art world they speak to elements and principles of design. Things like line, shape and texture, color, hue, value, and space all come into play. Balance, symmetry, asymmetry. proportion, rhythm, and unity are considered. How is the piece composed? Does it follow the rules of composition? Layering can make for a very interesting collage presentation.  

I sometimes feel if I have to stumble over the correct language to describe a piece of art that it's overwhelming. I am terrible about following the rules in most aspects of my life.  Including art making and art commenting.  In college one of the big lessons in life drawing was the quality of line.  I got that, but as an artist if I wanted my line to be exaggerated or something other than what was being taught, I'd get a lower grade.  I often felt like I was put in my place. That individuality was not tolerated.  Maybe I was a bad student. I was trying even then to have my own unique signature 

I value tremendously a provocative critique offered by another that speaks to art elements and principles. I respect their grasp of the formulaic ways of describing what is art.   For me, I offer a more organic conversation, something a tad less intense.  Take a step back and notice what strikes you in an art piece. What are the shapes? The colors? What lines are you drawn to and where do those lines take you? Is the collage pretty, moody, abstract, pleasing, perhaps the piece is disturbing ? If so, why? What is the overall experience? 

When I first started to collage there were those who bravely tore paper.  I was not one of those. I used scissors for a really long time. I am clear it was a control thing. I have observed  that sometimes in my life now if I am upset that my collages will seek a layer of control and scissors will come out. An interesting thing to be a part of.  The beauty of tearing however is just that - it's risky, freeing and really fun! The edges a tear can bring to a collage....paper edges, unevenness, the white that is left behind in a tear ...all become an element of interest in a collage art piece. I love that! 

The final expression for me are the messages relayed from the subconscious mind.  This is why my work became a personal narrative.  each collage built upon another to tell the story of my days going by. I couldn't help but notice it. Sometimes i found the insight to be quite compelling. I also felt that teaching others this technique very rewarding and a great way to connect with others.

Below are two collages that are not like most of my work.

Forgive the two different times of day that I photographed these collages. The first was taken in day light, the other under a drawing light. I should go back and re-photograph these at the same time in the same light.  I'll do that and add them. A friend gave me a stack of this pithy handmade paper. it's a different color paper than i am used to working on and not necessarily a paper I would choose. But i just love it in these two pieces.

the torn edges are fantastic!!

windows are often found in my collage work

in these, the windows become part of the paper

much like i am beginning to feel at home in my new loft and studio

i feel like both of these pieces have a sense of movement.

like the windows are open and a breeze is billowing in. 

in the first collage are ink smudges of the person who gave me this paper

i wanted to include that person in my work.

thank you for this great paper









Great Hanging Gig At Mallards Ice Cream

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Had a 6 week hanging at Downtown Bellingham's infamous Mallard Ice Cream Parlor.

Heard of the opportunity through a friend on instagram

Super fun, vibrant, pop environment.


My white frames matched the decor!


The maple walnut ice cream is positively classic.

Here are the collages up close:

The 300 Series -- Winter Lady At DuskThe 300 Series -- Winter Lady At Dusk The 300 Series -- Super Hero BluesThe 300 Series -- Super Hero Blues The 300 Series -- Riding The Solo StormThe 300 Series -- Riding The Solo Storm The 300 Series -- Petal ScapeThe 300 Series -- Petal Scape

Unframed these are $54 plus shipping. 



Save The Date :: Solo Collage Exhibit :: Inspirit-Form

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Coming to the Deming Library September 20th through Oct 28th

A solo collage exhibit.


The modern human often lives apart from the wild, in habitats formed from concrete and steel. We find ourselves seeking methods to amend this detachment with recreational activities such as bird watching and site seeing. However, the wild have eyes of their own, and as they return gaze towards the viewer an essential connection is rekindled.

Karen Hanrahan conjoins people and wildlife, presenting a transmogrified vision. Inspirit-Form showcases a study on anthropomorphic digressions to the origins of humanities early evolution. The hybrid human-and-animal figures are archetypal expressions of the love-hate analyzed from past relationships. Hanrahan’s medium of torn paper collage provokes discussion around the world of animal life, and how an active vision for the wild may hold answers to the deeper questions in our lives.

Closing reception and Artist Talk Friday Oct 27th at 4:30

Curated by Jody Thompson







Photography = a never ending opportunity to capture visual celebrations.