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sharing image tales broadens an artistic expression.

doing so, brings this particular creative indescribable joy.

what is your image story? perhaps I can help you tell it! 



Collages Now Hanging At Joy of Pilates Studio

May 23, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

My touring black and white collage trio is now hanging at Joy Of Pilates In Bellingham. Super fun, airy, warehouse style environment. These collages are for sale. Frame not included $90 Each. If you purchase the entire collection. I will give you the frames!  

The lead for the "call for art" came from a gal on FB.

Thank you Terry!


and then she cried


zippered up





Essence Of Bellingham 2018

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Each year the City Of Bellingham hosts a photography contest called the Essence Of Bellingham. I entered it in the spring of 2016, when I had only been west a short while. I didn't win. In 2017 I entered again and I was awarded 4 honorable mentions. Woot! One of the images was printed and hung up in city hall for the year. Pretty cool. In 2018, I entered and my photograph of the Tacos El Tule food truck won an honorable mention! The story gets better though. When I posted the news of my award, my friend and a collector of my work could hardly believe it - her husband was from the very small in the middle of nowhere Mexican town known as El Tule! Isn't that just wild? She BOUGHT the photograph to give to her husband for their anniversary. I just love how small and significant the world can be. In making sure the story continued on, I made a print to gift to the folks at Taco El Tule. None of this would have happened if they weren't selling tacos!

I have a bit of experience narrating food truck and pop up restaurant stories



Below are the ten photographs I submitted this year, and here are all the images I set aside to try and pick my final shots from. It's always a fun process. 



The Coating Of Bellinghams Acid Ball

May 13, 2018  •  2 Comments

When I moved to Bellingham in the fall of 2015,  I became very intrigued by the scape of the water front. Especially the decay of a former granary building and multiple structures remaining from a closed paper mill. At the time, a major waterfront project was underway, there sure was a lot of activity and construction happening! Turns out a competition was had to turn the mill's acid ball into public art. The winners of the competition, Mutuus Studio, a design firm out of Seattle, proposed moving the ball, and coating it with reflective glass beads. The coating had never been applied in this way ever before.

I found myself one afternoon on Central Pier after they had moved the ball, wondering how I could be part of the coating project. I thought it would be a great photography narrative. As an artist I wonder about things like this rather often, but acting on them is sometimes a challenge. I did find the gumption to introduce myself to the design firm, and after a delightful phone conversation, found myself celebrating a yes and permission to photograph the project! WOW!

Having never worked on a construction site before, I had to sign forms, and procure a safety vest and hard hat. Luckily I was able to borrow those from the city. I was told that my being allowed on the site, as an everyday citizen/artist was not something that happened easily. I felt remarkably grateful. I was at the project 8 separate times over a period of two weeks. I clocked in 17 shoot hours, and about twice that in editing. The highlight of the entire gig was the evening when they tested the lighting, the ball had been fully coated, the entire team was present, once darkness fell, and once we figured out how to trigger the reflective beads, it was pretty darn magical!

Another moment for me was on day two. As the first coat of primer was going on, the sky painted itself with the most amazing collection of clouds. The clouds really added to the scape, and really made for some magnificent and unique images!

Before the acid ball could be coated, it first had to be power washed, caulked, and primed. Coating with the beads was tricky, it required two men, and timing was of the essence .  They did the project in three sections, beginning at the top of the ball, and working their way underneath. On the final beading day the painting team had to wrestle with very high winds.

My project portfolio in its entirety is here.  

Below are some of my favorite captures.





Eighteen By Twenty Four

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To challenge myself in 2018 I decided to make one large 18x24 collage per week. i have always collaged in an 8.5x11 format, very occasionally in 9x12. The dynamic of working larger has been interesting for me. 

Not quite sure of an exact making pattern. some seem to begin in the middle and work themselves to each side. many are morphing faces, and i am actually enjoying that process, especially the sitting and cutting all the faces out. who knew! 

One recently became part of a group show in May

All need a written narrative. Some are clear as to what they are speaking to, others are not.

Here is one:

this week's 18 x 24. a ton of narrative in this one. in my past there were people who did not reveal themselves truthfully - they would give you that stone face, and or offer lip service. placate you. sometimes they were one person in certain circumstances - another person in another - even the horse has that stone face look. these people were miserable beings. i could have had the wrangler running off into the other direction i suppose but i sense it's purpose was to put these artificial beings out of their emotional misery. at least symbolically. the rush of color and the force of it's paint strokes show a sense of power/ a get it done-ness, and that small blast of blue is to me like the other side of something. the color blue is a very important part of my life. the original three images chosen for this piece began with the stone faces, the colorful rider and the texture of the mountain scape - it evolved and came together by the morph of that man and the brown of and the stare of that horse. for those following my work - these stories or subconscious reveal are not planned - they arrive as I make. it's part of why I collage, and why I teach collage to others. a tool for emotional sorting and expression.




Not all of this 18x24 work resonates with me, there are even a few of these collages that I don't like very much.  I am glad for the not so good pieces. I can learn from them. Presenting art immediately challenges my budget. 

Hopefully I will find creative ways to share and show these.

An image like this does not actually convey size.






Visqueen Dancing

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                                                                                                                                                                      A cable appeared in my window. 

and then a rope. 

and then, at the bottom of the building there was a lift. 

We were being readied for a facelift!!

The note we were issued said power washing, patching and paint would be happening. wow. 

they asked for our patience and cooperation

this, they said, was a long term project.

up to 6 months!

my area was the first to get windows covered with visqueen.

someone said to me yesterday

"oh, that's a lot like looking through cataracts." 

The plastic definitely alters the view.

Of the 20 windows covered, only 3 got holes cut for air.


i put an inquiry to get holes for air too, but at the end of that particular day, no air hole.

it was almost 90 in here.

luckily, i found a guy. and asked for his assistance.

he took out my screens, took down the visqueen in both my windows

and promised to be back with new visqueen after the weekend, and he said, he'd make sure i had air holes.



just like he promised.

he was back.

That day the sun hit just right as he and his co-worker went about their work.

perhaps you can see why i had to find my camera.

when the utility knife was pulled out

i could not believe how cool that looked

a tad hitchcock-esque - don't you think?

When the two of them worked at the other window 

i thought it looked as if they were dancing.

TOO fun! 

We all were given air holes that day. 

And so, time went on.

and the workers worked.

when they were near my window

my air hole was taped shut,


it would be re-opened 

Often the lift,  went up and down in the course of a days work.

up and down, over and over.

so far, the paint job looks really amazing.

Finally, the visqueen came down.

once the plastic was down, it didn't mean that they were done, they still had quite a bit left to do.

it's important to note that when 

the workers are working

they are like IN your windows.

with studio apartments as they are

their presence is...

well, present.

For me as an artist, i found it was a great 

opportunity to play with light,color, shadows, lines and a cataract perspective! 


I sometimes still can't believe i am here. 5 months now.

i have felt a profound gratitude to be living here in what I call my city studio

I am experiencing a sense of security, safety and privacy, have to say it's also a relief for me that someone else can be concern about the maintenance.

My FULL image album of this adventure is here. 








Photography = a never ending opportunity to capture visual celebrations.