an imageteller captures image celebrations.

sharing image tales broadens an artistic expression.

doing so, brings this particular creative indescribable joy.

what is your image story? perhaps I can help you tell it! 



Integrating Typography Into Collage

January 10, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Soon, at Jansen Art Center, I will be teaching a class that has a specific technique and creative focus.

The class I've taught for sometime The Creative Subconscious Collage Workshop, while still comprehensive does not seem to be a fit for my current demographic. Since I love teaching and sharing collage I am excited to take on new ways of doing so. 

I found this particular project and use of typography in a book titled: The Collage Workbook by Randel Plowman and brought my own twist to it.

I feel its important to distinguish the difference between words and type. I am not one to typically collage with words. Words do find me, and I value them greatly, just not within my art. At least not regularly. Playfully, I devote a page to words at the end of every journal. They are in my opinion their own thing. Generally, I find words distracting in a collage that to me is about utilizing imagery.

Words say something. Like the piece "work in progress"

( made that one recently, the day after I had moved ) 

Typography does not.



Typography is a now diminished art form. When I personally think of typography it's in reference to a word document. A favorite font, its shapes and size. In it's prime before the digital age typography was a very important and specialized occupation. 

In my collage work typography is about the relationships of the curves, lines and positive and negative space each letter or Font has.  In one collage I felt that graffiti was its own form of typography, it played nicely within the context of my collage

Playing with typography within my art work has been really fascinating.

I did break my own rule and incorporate a word in some of these. 

That's the beauty of being a creative

it gets to be whatever you want it to be!

I look forward to continue integrating typography into my collage work

and teaching others to do the same!




2017 Daily Collage In Review

December 31, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

At the beginning of 2017 I took on the hashtag #icollagedaily over at instagram. I set the intention to collage each and every day. And. I actually did that! I realize that I am prolific in image taking. 2017 would express that I am equally prolific in collaging. I have now come to the conclusion that I am compelled to "make". Making shows up as a narrative of my day to day life. Photography, collage and even making dinner are all part of how I express myself.

It's one thing to be loyal to an intention, it's another to produce work that visually narrated and triumphed a rather tough year. At the very end of it all it's now like what? What do I do with all of this art? How do I tell what it is that I have accomplished? Where do I even begin? 

Well, I have a few ideas: 

In Nov I had the opportunity to submit an installation with the idea of displaying 365 pages of art. Because when you collage each and every day, that's what you end up with. I did submit an idea, and as another artist friend of mine says - these proposals are a bit like giving birth - they are really intense to get together and submit. You really get into your head when pulling together a larger idea to a panel of judges. or an art board.

If I am actually granted the opportunity to do that sortof solo exhibition. Well - wow. right? That good news remains to be seen.

In the meantime or until I have a venue to take on and show last years volume of work. I still feel rather daunted by trying to encapsulate what I had created in a simpler way. Following the approach I've taken with my photographs in years past and making an annual calendar. I followed that process and selected 3 collages from each of the last 12 months as a gesture of this medium.

I plan to sit with my journals. All 6 of them. Tear them apart, and assemble them into themes that can be used for future solo installations. That should take me some time. I'll report back what I discover!

I summarized my year this way in my holiday newsletter: 

I find the more art I make, the more art I want to make.  I am my best self and happiest when I am making. My art making I am told pulls those around me into a narrative. Folks feel a sense of belonging, and a wondering about what I might make next. This level of audience and encouragement, especially this past year when making on a daily basis was very satisfying. My "in the moment" art sales not only helped gaps in my income, but fueled my making pleasure indescribably. Very defining for me as an artist.

In 2017 I had 9 collages in juried exhibits. I had 4 hangings in retail establishments both with photography and with collage. I had collages on consignment in a gift shop, and in two galleries. A trio of black and white collages continue to tour, they have been in 4 establishments. 4 of my photographs were chosen for honorable mention in a local event. I had a solo collage installation - 22 pieces of work, my most cohesive body of collage work yet - with rave review. "Inspirit-Form" is scheduled to show in multiple venues in 2018. It is also virtually represented with Gallery Pegasus at their Artsy space. I have been invited to show new works in two group shows so far in the year ahead.  

Below are the 36 collages that I selected to represent this past year's daily making: I feel the collection as a whole is best described as "morphed" I like words as prompts, and as descriptors - these pieces illustrate: flight, female power, trees and how they root me, bullying, stalking, harassment, fear, loss of home stability, searching for home, stress around finding a place to live, duality, shouting to be heard, declarative power, haunted, relief, the influence of the moon, or nature, loss or death of, loneliness, youth, NYC, whimsy, the color blue, the sanctity of home, maternal love, friendships, leaning on others, striking a pose, knowing, laughter, the incorporation of typography. My work often uses paired image technique, is bold in its expression, and in the use of color.

The entire album is here if you want to see them in gallery style. All are for sale. 







ART Inventory Sale

December 06, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Two years ago I had the opportunity for the first time to vend, show and teach my art in WA. I showed, shared and facilitated collage mostly. I also showed and sold photography.

I had a bit of a learning curve about branding, packaging, marketing, and display. Many of you suffered through some of that with me and for that I am grateful. I had art sell. Many pieces sold actually. Which makes me feel like my work is valued, and that my making is having an impression on those I share it with.

Call that audience, fans, friends who love me, or collectors. Love saying that ...collectors. You all know who you are,  ALL of you are seriously awesome. 

One thing I never want is art laying around. When I had the offer to consign with Dog And Pony Gallery - I sent collage work to Peoria, IL. When things outdated themselves at a gift shop. I removed them. And NOW in my personal inventory I have some older or previously released art pieces that I'd like to find homes for. 

All said, I am having an inventory SALE and you are invited!!

Below are  images of what is reduced in price in this post but to view closer and share with me what you have an interest in please go to this GALLERY and tell me the # that is associated with the piece. That is the simplest. 

ALL items are already packaged in 8 x 10 sleeves. The last picture, is a photograph is 8 x 10, the two photographs prior are also photographs that are 5 x 7's - some collages are small or 5x7's. 

these three collages #13,15 16 should/could be sold as a grouping of three - they go together beautifully. just a thought.

MOST pieces in this gallery are priced to sell at 50% OFF.

message me please for prices.

Update: I actually forgot to post this. oops!

Collages 1-9 are now on consignment at Pegasus Gallery in Bellingham, WA.

This one is taken









The Loft

November 23, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I would say that this living space, my loft, is the oddest space I have ever lived in.

It's the third place I have lived since moving west.

Defined as commercial work/live dwellings. It's basically a garage, with a loft. The floor downstairs is cement, the bathroom is truck stop style complete with a shower that drains into the floor. There is one single south exposure window that is almost at ceiling level above the garage door. To open the window, you need a ladder. a 22 ft ladder. Airflow is a bit of an issue. I had a 4 ft by 10 ft screen made for the garage door. The screen is a work in progress. When it's warmer, it could not be more perfect, but it's too much screen for cooler/wetter times of the year. 

The loft part has a pane of glass that overlooks the downstairs, but it doesn't open. This at least allows the light in. Fifteen stairs up, fifteen stairs down. all day long. the upstairs is where the kitchen is, it's carpeted, and I sourced it with two hot plates.The biggest luxury is the huge stainless steel sink, a far cry from the 8x8 sink of the country studio. I had a closet built with a shelf for books. I use the space as my den and to cook.

The quiet here is indescribable. Respectful neighbors. And near an abundance of country roads and views. The foothills are moments away.

I love it. The story of how I found this spot is filled with synchronicity. 

As with most of this journey I have had moving west, sometimes I am not sure how I am pulling all of this off.

But I am. 


Inspirit Form Is Now At Artsy

November 23, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Downtown Bellingham Gallery Pegasus is virtually representing my 22 collage collection "Inspirit - Form" at Artsy.

Be sure to click on each photo to read commentary by curator Jody Thompson. 


Photography = a never ending opportunity to capture visual celebrations.