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The class assignment was to replicate a famous artist in our own likeness on an 18 x 24 piece of black velvet paper. The instruction angered me. I was not skilled in chalk, I thought velvet looked cheesy. I had no interest in myself or looking at myself artistically. Plus I was not having a very good week. 

To give you perspective I was in my thirties, a mother of two. My marriage was falling apart and I was striking out on my own. Against the wishes of said husband I enrolled in art classes, and I took on a part-time job on the weekends. He had not allowed me to buy a pair of much needed shoes, thus the reason for working.  I'll just get my own shoes thank you very much. He complained about having to watch his kids while I did things that were of interest to me. 

On my way to work, I was sitting in traffic at a red light. It was raining. really really raining. The stop light was on the other side of a bridge overpass. As I looked up in my rear-view mirror a car came flying over the bridge, the three men sitting in the front seat looked as if they were on a roller coaster ride. Obviously they were going too fast. Obviously they were going to hit me, and even more obvious - there was not a single thing I could do about it. The rear end of my car was smashed all the way to the driver seat.  The airbag did not deploy, my head cracked the windshield, glasses had been flung off my head, I could not stop trembling. I was pulled out of the vehicle. I was placed on a gurney, I remember the wet and the light spin of the emergency vehicles at the scene - it rained on me for a rather long while. I was wearing my new shoes.  I don't see well without my glasses. Much was blurry. I don't recall much else - did I hit the car in front of me, were others hurt? All I know is I had to ask someone to call my work and say I couldn't make it in that day and that I had to alert my family.  I kept asking if someone had called to explain why I was late. I never saw that car again. Over and over I imagined what would have happened had either of my children been in that car.  The person who hit me of course had no insurance. My insurance did not total my vehicle. Lets add insurance stupidity to the occasion.

In ER, I got my period. ( the things we remember ) I was not allowed to get up to pee and or to take care of my bleeding. They offered me a bed pan. I was mortified. I think I was wearing tights. What a mess. My husband arrived at the hospital and just looked at me with worry in his eyes. Not the "I am with are going to be OK - we can get through this together"  sortof eyes. Just worry. I couldn't handle the worry. I needed the reassurance more than ever. We were long gone and far away from that sortof relationship.

The accident occurred on Easter weekend, and on Easter Sunday I was expected to attend a family dinner at a restaurant.  I remember the remarkable pain I was in, the chasing of my kids who were not very restaurant trained (we didn't do eating out for a reason) but hey, it was brunch, it was important to his family and there was plenty of champagne and boy my husband was having his fill of it.  I dared to mention the discomfort that I was in and I was told to take the pain meds I was given.  and while I had, the pain I felt was still indescribable - I drove home that evening because he had had too much to drink.  I could not move my neck. All I could do was look straight and there were tears streaming down my face. 

At the time I was referred to a D.O. for post accident care. I had never met him and I was not invited to see him again. He told me, I was going to hurt for a very long while. He told me to quit my job, to restrict my lifting and good luck. I had no diagnosis just a scrip for more pain killers.  

I went to my art class that week, because in that class I felt valued and I felt most like myself. I loved being a mom, but the tediousness of parts of motherhood were very soul sucking. Once I gave birth to a child. My husband vacated what I had know as a couple. I was drowning in ordinary and feeling alone in a lot of the equation. Art reminded me that I was alive. 

There I was in this class, uncomfortable and in pain and now having to do this stupid assignment.  In creating this piece I only recall that I lost myself in the assignment. The rendering flowed out of me. I was angry. Very angry, and because I was so resistant to the task - I missed what I had portrayed. Basically, I took the piece home, added it to my portfolio and never looked at it again. it was just a stupid class assignment. 

Fast forward many years later, I had put art aside. My first marriage had ended. I was on the other side of a failed second marriage. sigh. several more car accidents had occurred. I was buying my first house near where my daughter was attending college. A lot of life had passed me by. Sixteen years of life. In the move I unburied this old portfolio and pulled out this drawing. I was just in awe of what I had encapsulated of the time. 

First of all, the female form. If i had any sense of myself as a woman and my own personal beauty - it was not at that time - but the fact that I expressed such beauty, and even a small bit of nudity to me said that my strength of self as a woman was there - even if that personal strength was buried deep inside of me. Choosing Picasso and that pose was bold and courageous for me.

The actual chalking was way more skilled than I ever give or gave myself credit for - yes, it was copying another artist, but as I got to know myself as an artist - this chalking technique was rendered with my own skill and my own ideas.

Finally,  that face. oh my gosh that face. the crooked neck obviously signifying the accident, the blue hair (my favorite color), the glasses,the earrings (which I still have and wear) , the narrow skeletal structure, and the asymmetry so very important to my expression in art. that face was definitely me.

The defining moment of this chalk drawing is the pain in that face. the pain rendered of my face is so raw and so revealing. so hurt and so so so very sad.  I may have drawn in anger and resistance, but this person on this page was unhappy, and in deep deep pain. 

Since, this piece has stayed in my portfolio. I found a renewed love and appreciation for it, and a respect for the personal reveal of my art. I just have to remind myself to look with eyes that are removed somehow, perhaps detached is a better way to say that - to be detached from my life and circumstances in order to review what I create as art. 

Not always an easy thing to do. 


( chalk on velvet by Karen Hanrahan.  self-portrait rendered in the style of Picasso - 1993 )





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7 Day Black And White Challenge In response to a FB prompt I playfully posted 7 black and white photography images to my feed. Additionally - I also made 7 black and white collages. I mean when in black and white mode ...


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Autumn In Washington

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Window And Door Collage Series i recently created a collage series using black and white images. The magazine photographs captured windows and doors in the southwest and I morphed female forms into them. I  love the tone and individual feeling these have as well as how they reveal collectively.

Currently these will be displayed for October Art Walk and through October at Happy Chap Creative.

Window And Door Series :: The Ladder Known As MondayWindow And Door Series :: The Ladder Known As Monday Window And Door Series :: Headless PrivacyWindow And Door Series :: Headless Privacy Window And Door Series :: Bricked WildernessWindow And Door Series :: Bricked Wilderness Window And Door Series :: Tentative RealityWindow And Door Series :: Tentative Reality

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Make YOUR 2018 Calendar Using MY Photographs This make your own calendar thing using my photographs idea started casually a few years ago and has since become rather beloved.

i make a calendar for myself every year and it's a practice of pause usually.

like my bio says i take way way too many photographs. so, when one particular image leaps out at me for that designated month? and one almost always does - that is my selection method. You'd be surprised how long it takes!!

this year i made the selections on the morning of my birthday and an indulgent second cup of coffee.

These are in order of the cover, then Jan - Dec.

Interested?  Contact me. You pay me an artist fee. I don't have a set fee. If I set the fee too high - folks say stuff -  if I set the fee too low then people want to give me more.  Lets discuss - I will tell you what others have paid. I have a pay pal account and this makes paying me super easy.

How it works:  you pay me an artist fee, i send you 13 image files via email, you watch for sales at places that sell calendars - they start going on sale now - some places even offer a free calendar!! You upload my images into the template they offer and make your own!! The months are already designated in the image file so it's SUPER simple.

Happy 2018!!



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Artist Talk And Raffle To Win A Collage Collage Artist Karen Hanrahan gives Artist Talk 

Friday October 27th at 4:30 - 6 PM

Deming Library - 5044 Mt Baker Highway

Inspirit-Form Collage Show Closing Reception.

I plan on raffling this collage that evening.

you must attend to win!!

truly hope you can join me.  

( the collage below is what a deming library noticed on FB - she invited me to show. its because of her that I have this solo exhibition! ) 


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At Make.Shift through September my collage, as it turns out, was selected for the making history exhibit at make.shift in conjunction with whatcom county museum.  very exciting to be part of a collective expression of an idea.  more so when the show is juried. it feels like getting a good grade or being part of a club or something.

i get such a thrill in participating in a hanging and seeing the public interact with my work. i don't know how to explain it. a small part of me wishes i could stand next to my art and listen to what folks experience visually.  

make.shift is a venue that i am very fond of. gritty, edgy, super arty and inspires. a making place for sure.

( i snapped the above image because i really really love the frame. I will have to find someone to replicate this for me.)

thank you make.shift for the pleasure of making history with you. 

this month, and through the end of October -- i have 35 pieces of art hanging in the area. 4 venues. wow -  i'd say that's a rather beautiful thing.

3 collages at Lenny's Bike Shop in Ferndale

9 photographs at Sumas Library

1 collage at Make.Shift

22 collages at the Deming Library

Plus older series collage works at Dog And Pony Gallery in IL 


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Photography Show At Sumas Library - Why I Love My Community Hanging At Sumas Library through October or so

Hours M-W-Sa 10 - 5 except W 10-7

Thank you Friends Of The Sumas Library for hosting my work!

Why I Love My Community

There are people who enjoy homes that are exactly alike. Driveways that lead to battery operated garage door remotes that open doors wide and whisk one away into anonymity. I have always personally preferred the quirk and edge of peripheral living. This draw to odd has me currently living in a garage with a loft in Sumas, WA. The community of Sumas is not a destination. It’s a drive by, transient odd ghost of a town, and I love it.

I love it because of the nuggets that show up as you get to know the place. The blast of upbeat exterior music at the local convenient store/gas station, the solo blinking stop sign,  the community closet that clothes locals for free, the little dose of park near the bridge, the geeks who hang at the library playing games, the impeccable cleanliness of a new burger place, the billboard exclaiming exceptional drinking water.

I plan to open a gallery. My marketing pitch includes an emphasis on how inconvenient it is to get here. I declare it beautiful because around here you have to find the love.  Best part is that the love is here.

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Inspirit - Form At Deming Library Thank you friends of Deming Library for hosting my solo collage installation Inspirit-Form.

I thought i'd author a post on how this show came to be. 

I have been a collage artist for twenty years. In the past few years my work has become a personal narrative; highlighting the loss of a home, a broken heart, a journey west, and the challenge of making a home here in Washington. 

My collage work has grown. I've shown and sold collages. Doing so has been very inspiring!

In December I found an Audubon magazine in the free bin at the Bellingham Library. 

2017 artfully began with a decision to collage daily. 

Torn pages from that found Audubon magazine became part of early January work.

I found the work to be strong and affirming.

Thanks to FB - and a collage that I posted also made from that same magazine, I was invited to show my work at the Deming Library. A solo hanging! Imagine how honored I was. 

I decided moving forward to source part of my image inventory for this exhibition from Audubon magazines.  

Not knowing how hard Audubon's were to find, I had to put out a call for them on FB.  Friends sent me magazines from around the country to help me with my show! Even the Deming library pitched in. 

The work evolved in a very organic way. Different from my daily collage work in that it didn't necessarily follow a narrative of my day to day. It did however touch on a subconscious level some personal struggles.   

I had recently befriended a curator - Jody Thompson, and invited him to collaborate on the project. Jody is responsible for the title, and the entire written narration of this hanging. I loved working with Jody. He brought a rich and provocative commentary from an outside perspective. Experiencing his version of my collage work was very emotional for me and also very educational. Jody brought earnest and detailed attention to the many facts about the birds involved in my collage work. 

I created 22 pieces from February to June.

Inspirit-Form hangs from Sept 20th - October 28th at The Deming Library -- there is an artist talk and reception Friday October 27th at 4:30


This body of collage work is on a natural white cotton pithy 130# paper sourced by Pentalic - made in the US.  A percentage of sales from The Natural Pentalic Sketch Book Series is donated to The American Wildlife Foundation. They are framed in a 11x14 black studio frames with a black matt. 

15% of sales from this show goes to Friends Of Deming Library. 

Karen Hanrahan is a narrative collage artist and photographer.  

She is founder of Keyhole Gallery And Making Space ( inconveniently located in beautiful Sumas, Wa) home of Tailgate ArtMart. Karen is the mother of two adult children, she loves cooking from scratch, reading, taking road trips (especially here in Washington!) and she adores the color blue. 

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Make.Shift Call For Art :: Making History I am submitting a collage to this call for art - super great art making prompt from Make.Shift Making Space 

I had to go to this neat reference library and source an old photograph. i picked this one because it was so crisp and clear. I also thought i could superimpose a modern scenario fairly simply and get the idea i had in my head into a reality or finished piece.

have to say it came together rather nicely!

not pictured here is the cheesy ornate plastic frame I put it in.

which i think was perfect for it!!

( a friend is dropping this off for me while i am off on vacation. thanks sara!! ) 



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Honored i belong to a FB group where folks post what they "see" in our community. the group is large, sharing, positive and kind. the range of imagery and photograph talent is vast. in this group i have felt really welcome,  and i've affirmed that my photography is unique in it's own way - my work is unlike what many others photograph.  As an artist I need that reassurance.  i have seen some remarkable photography and grown to admire many of the creatives in that group.  i've also met some of these folks, and i feel i have met some friends because of this group. which has been especially wonderful. this last month one of my images made the cover for the group page. It may seem silly but being on the cover has been such an honor for me!! 

this particular image tells a particular story, i had just moved. i moved farther into the county, as a matter of fact i moved so far north that i am just two blocks from canada. ha!! when you live this far out in the county some of your basic needs are less accessible - a grocery store for one, and a hardware store with flexible hours...another. on this day i had to go back to that big box hardware store because of one part. one single error. the round trip trek is FIFTY miles. i was SO angry.

As always nature seems to provide, and nature usually calms me - on the way back the day light at this circle intersection was so shadowy and elongated that i drove around and around snapping multiple drive by captures of it. the gesture of going around in circles just made me laugh. I felt much better.  this photograph sums it all up perfectly



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Why Make Art I have been thinking lately about the compulsion to create.  For those of us who are artists - we get it, but does someone not into making really understand?  As many years as I have been tearing found images into collages, none have felt like these recent years.  I see, think, wonder and sometimes even dream in collage.  I love this compulsion. My making process affirms itself over and over. Images choose me, and an artful flow knowingly becomes something finished. It perpetuates. THIS is why I make art. The making is very self defining

In a cerebral art world they speak to elements and principles of design. Things like line, shape and texture, color, hue, value, and space all come into play. Balance, symmetry, asymmetry. proportion, rhythm, and unity are considered. How is the piece composed? Does it follow the rules of composition? Layering can make for a very interesting collage presentation.  

I sometimes feel if I have to stumble over the correct language to describe a piece of art that it's overwhelming. I am terrible about following the rules in most aspects of my life.  Including art making and art commenting.  In college one of the big lessons in life drawing was the quality of line.  I got that, but as an artist if I wanted my line to be exaggerated or something other than what was being taught, I'd get a lower grade.  I often felt like I was put in my place. That individuality was not tolerated.  Maybe I was a bad student. I was trying even then to have my own unique signature 

I value tremendously a provocative critique offered by another that speaks to art elements and principles. I respect their grasp of the formulaic ways of describing what is art.   For me, I offer a more organic conversation, something a tad less intense.  Take a step back and notice what strikes you in an art piece. What are the shapes? The colors? What lines are you drawn to and where do those lines take you? Is the collage pretty, moody, abstract, pleasing, perhaps the piece is disturbing ? If so, why? What is the overall experience? 

When I first started to collage there were those who bravely tore paper.  I was not one of those. I used scissors for a really long time. I am clear it was a control thing. I have observed  that sometimes in my life now if I am upset that my collages will seek a layer of control and scissors will come out. An interesting thing to be a part of.  The beauty of tearing however is just that - it's risky, freeing and really fun! The edges a tear can bring to a collage....paper edges, unevenness, the white that is left behind in a tear ...all become an element of interest in a collage art piece. I love that! 

The final expression for me are the messages relayed from the subconscious mind.  This is why my work became a personal narrative.  each collage built upon another to tell the story of my days going by. I couldn't help but notice it. Sometimes i found the insight to be quite compelling. I also felt that teaching others this technique very rewarding and a great way to connect with others.

Below are two collages that are not like most of my work.

Forgive the two different times of day that I photographed these collages. The first was taken in day light, the other under a drawing light. I should go back and re-photograph these at the same time in the same light.  I'll do that and add them. A friend gave me a stack of this pithy handmade paper. it's a different color paper than i am used to working on and not necessarily a paper I would choose. But i just love it in these two pieces.

the torn edges are fantastic!!

windows are often found in my collage work

in these, the windows become part of the paper

much like i am beginning to feel at home in my new loft and studio

i feel like both of these pieces have a sense of movement.

like the windows are open and a breeze is billowing in. 

in the first collage are ink smudges of the person who gave me this paper

i wanted to include that person in my work.

thank you for this great paper









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Great Hanging Gig At Mallards Ice Cream Had a 6 week hanging at Downtown Bellingham's infamous Mallard Ice Cream Parlor.

Heard of the opportunity through a friend on instagram

Super fun, vibrant, pop environment.


My white frames matched the decor!


The maple walnut ice cream is positively classic.

Here are the collages up close:

The 300 Series -- Winter Lady At DuskThe 300 Series -- Winter Lady At Dusk The 300 Series -- Super Hero BluesThe 300 Series -- Super Hero Blues The 300 Series -- Riding The Solo StormThe 300 Series -- Riding The Solo Storm The 300 Series -- Petal ScapeThe 300 Series -- Petal Scape

Unframed these are $54 plus shipping. 



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Save The Date :: Solo Collage Exhibit :: Inspirit-Form Coming to the Deming Library September 20th through Oct 28th

A solo collage exhibit.


The modern human often lives apart from the wild, in habitats formed from concrete and steel. We find ourselves seeking methods to amend this detachment with recreational activities such as bird watching and site seeing. However, the wild have eyes of their own, and as they return gaze towards the viewer an essential connection is rekindled.

Karen Hanrahan conjoins people and wildlife, presenting a transmogrified vision. Inspirit-Form showcases a study on anthropomorphic digressions to the origins of humanities early evolution. The hybrid human-and-animal figures are archetypal expressions of the love-hate analyzed from past relationships. Hanrahan’s medium of torn paper collage provokes discussion around the world of animal life, and how an active vision for the wild may hold answers to the deeper questions in our lives.

Closing reception and Artist Talk Friday Oct 27th at 4:30

Curated by Jody Thompson







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Once Upon A Time There Was A Bully i have a bully in my past and he recently emailed me.  my collage for that day was going in one direction. randomly, i turned an image source over and there this was - HE  - this bully looks like this.  Another page fell off the table and turned over - and it was the fish.  This person ate salmon every day. I tore this image in half and crumbled the darker part - like a gesture to throw him away -- using a classic image combining technique my collage told an immediate story. it was about being bullied. i was trembling from head to toe when i made this


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Art Happenings This Summer just a quick update:

7 days ago, and quite the blur. I moved my life and my art studio.

it happened rather quickly, my country studio and its drama is now behind me.

very excited to strive forward.

The new place, my LOFT is seriously cool.

I finished a collage today for a call for art for make.shifts next art walk!!! a super fun idea!!) I have 4 collages hanging at Mallard Ice Cream ( i think. dropped them off anyway ) 3 collages at Lenny's Bike Shop and 4 photographs in the summer exhibit at Jansen Art Center. i SOLD this piece yesterday. Oh and I almost forgot images who won the essence of bellingham photography contest are on display at city hall - beginning July 7th. Works are also for sale in IL at the Dog and Pony Art Gallery - their first friday is tomorrow!! OH and I sold another collage yesterday!! 

My goodness this is fun!!

Happy summer art making everyone!!

(collage: petal scape now hanging at Mallards Ice Cream) 




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Honorable Mention Three of my photographs were given honorable mention in the Essence Of Bellingham Photography Contest.

See the many others who were also awarded here.

A month long exhibit will be presented at Bellingham City Hall beginning July 7th! 

A reception will be held in the lobby of City Hall the evening of Artwalk from 5:30-6:30 for the photographers who submitted the winning shots and all those entries that received an honorable mention.  

Entries also will be shown on BTV10 and added to the Whatcom Museum's photographic collection.

The submissions were juried by representatives from the Whatcom Museum, City of Bellingham and Western Washington University.

Winning entries were selected based on photographic quality, subject matter and how well the "Essence of Bellingham" was captured. The competition is sponsored by the City of Bellingham and Whatcom Museum.



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Stores Gone By a local county institution has closed.  

i went by to snap a shot of it's retro sign and remembered that i had taken a few more shots a year ago.

i love these sorts of places. always have. character rich. quirky. independent. hard working. a place you make sure you stop by and get a little something to offer them fiscal support. 

the area is already a food desert. another store like it also shut down near the border, it was the only grocery story in that small town. 

it would be awful if a gas station/ convenient store went in.

so ordinary. 

maybe another small independent grocer will scoop it up. 

yes ....that's a better idea.

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Collage With Karen Every Second Saturday At MakeShift Art Space  

i am quite pleased to announce that beginning June 10th 

and every second saturday from 11 - 1, following that - at least through the summer,

the hip all ages art making space Make.Shift in downtown bellingham

will be hosting

Collage With Karen Workshops.

To make registration super easy

we've collaborated with pop up workshop facilitators:  aftermath collective

registration is required.

sliding scale payment is offered

bring magazines to tear and a glue stick please

see you soon!!

( as of August, due to my move - I am no longer teaching at Make.Shift)






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Essence Of Bellingham 2017 There is this local photgraphy contest that I participated in last year. it's called the Essence Of Bellingham Photo Competition. I thought I would enter it again this year. To simplify the selection process for myself I searched through images only from January - April of 2017.  I had over 40 images that struck me in one way or another, and then selected my 10 submissions from that. The focus theme was neighborhoods. I had luckily had a few treks into the York Neighborhood that seemed to be a good fit.  Since I live in the country now I observed what brought me into the city these last months. I love the quirk, eclectic charm of Bellingham, WA



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