Field Of Carousel Horses In Chenoa Illinois

November 11, 2015  •  9 Comments

As the story goes a retired Chenoa farmer named Bob, plunked a carousel horse at the end of a field as a marker for his wife to see. Seemingly, others plopped more of these whimsical plastic figurines until there was a row of them!

When I first moved to Central Illinois I had the opportunity to meet in Fairbury for a business coffee. Driving there on Rt 24, I noted this rather odd procession. It took me a bit to get back to them, but I snapped a few photographs then, feeling a bit like I was trespassing on some sortof private memorial. 

It was a few years after this first set of images was taken that I went again.  I was on my way back from a trip and using Rt 24 as a shortcut from I57 to I55. My skills as a photographer had grown. The time of day was SO great for image taking. I love the hyper focus, the pops of color and shadow play. I had started using the software Lightroom and my artist signature was beginning to take form. It showed in my image taking.


In September of 2015 I was saying farewell to Central Illinois and took a fellow photographer with me on a bit of a road trip. This was one of the places we stopped.  The day could NOT have been more perfect, and it was a treat to share this find with another creative.  

Ricky honored me by capturing an image of me in my essence. As anyone who is a photographer knows, when you are always the one behind the camera it's often a challenge to have a quality image. taken of yourself.  Our day together was a perfect ode to those endless fields we all know from the midwest.  and a tug on my heart to say goodbye to someone whom I was just getting to pal around with - artist to artist.

Get a load of that cloud rich sky, and that color divided field, and the blueness of it all! I can't get over all the perspectives either, such an evolving expression.  Even Ricky's shirt color was on the same page!!

What a terrific day this was!!

I love this image you've taken of me Ricky - thank you!!

( above photograph by Ricky Trauber ) 


Kathy Hotchkiss(non-registered)
I saw these yesterday and almost turned around to take my own photos. I was just telling my husband about them and was so happy to find your blog! Thanks for sharing!
This is by Fairbury not Fairfield!
Roger Haaksma(non-registered)
I found this just outside of Fairfield. I also have been a photographer for over 35 years and no camera the first time I was there. My daughter lives in Colfax just a few miles from this site. One of the strangest things I've had the pleasure to photograph. I also heard people just once in a while bring there rocking horse to rest in the field of old dreams. Probably in honor of the joy they once gave to there children.
Now the joy they all bring to us in a pasture of long ago love.
Jonni Kettman from Pontiac(non-registered)
Have seen them for years & years but your photography gives them new dimension. Thank you
These are my Aunt Terri's, father's horses. One particular horse has a note on it of it's journey
from being stolen and tucked away in a garage that I rescued and then reunited with it's herd
just last year.
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