When A Collage Prompts A Story

March 09, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Recently I posted this collage in a creative group I belong to on FB

I wrote that my collages tell stories.  That they are a narrative of my life.

I neglected to share what the story of this particular collage was,

fellow creative Jody Winningham  decided to write one.

His commentary really made me smile.

Is the story this?   That dress I thought would be the perfect size...

Then an Amazon drone just delivered it. A voice came out of the air. " Try it .. you bought it"
Returns are only credited if it goes back with the drone.,
Oh it it looks delightful. Shall I?
Alas I hold it up and the shape follows form, just not my form.
Not in all the rain, snow, sleet and holidays. It starts to rain now as I frustrate myself.
Why -I ask myself did I let the SkinnyMe clothing reward app actually connect online.
This is the I will never be in me dress. No amount of salad...I mean salad grows in mud. Don't pigs bath in mud too. Mud...
I walk to the shed and grab the shovel and now the rain is snow... i place a garbage bag over me to keep dry. No, not just snow it is a blizzard and I see now the red warning lights on the drone.

I smash it. Repeatedly. I now bury it finding the ground not quite frozen yet.

If the drone never makes it back I can deny delivery and no costly mistake...Done.

( entertainment only not commentary - he writes with a smiley face ) 

The real story had to do with me, myself and I morphing into an alter ego mermaid to protect myself from the fish, ice cream, salad eating monster. 

Truth is, my collages can be any story you want them to be. That's the beauty of any piece of art. The personal interpretation that makes it real for you!





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