an imageteller captures image celebrations.

sharing image tales broadens an artistic expression.

doing so, brings this particular creative indescribable joy.

what is your image story? perhaps I can help you tell it! 



One Camera Verses Another Brunch

February 07, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

when nature brings you a good dose of winter

Why not make brunch and take photos!

I have been playing with the light of this north window since summer.

The winter season had the light shift dramatically, lots of grey days and it got dark so early, 

but the days are getting longer and, on this day

the light was just exceptional.

I decided to play with both cameras to see what I can observe

one is my trusty canon point and shoot 

the other is my mirrorless lumix

no fingers were lost while making this brunch 

but I did take a good slice out of my thumb


I made a red and sweet potato hash w/ serrano pepper, garlic, onion and red pepper w/ scrambled egg topped with radish greens, green onion and lime. It's a test of will when I scratch make hash browns because you need to be patient while waiting for them to get crispy! Toast was a local sourdough and a boysenberry jam. Its becoming empty fridge club time again and I had somethings that had to be used up.

Here are the canon files:

These are the files from the lumix

I think both cameras did a terrific job.  I find the scene food photography setting that I use for the lumix sometimes pops color a bit too much and often images are too dark.  I can fix that with software. My point and shoot is very forgiving, and does really well in low light - for the sake of this project I just used my auto setting.

Let's compare a few shots - left are the point and shoot. right are the lumix.

onion - i didn't realize i had turned the onion over. ha!







Full Circle

February 01, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Over the weekend I completed my gratitude packages for the Go Fund Me monies that were gifted to me.  If you recall a 30 day campaign pulled together by my friends back in IL bought me a car.  Wow - right?  

I decided on multiple tiers of gifting utilizing these four seasonal photographs. I ordered postcards, greeting cards with envelopes, photography prints and matts. I also ordered thank you cards with my mug of a pic on it because some donations came from folks I had never met before. All these orders and details took a bit to pull together, and I am happy to say I ordered just enough.  No major Karen math mistakes! 

In my heart I wanted to send a bit of me, a bit of the washington I've fallen in love with and make sure my feelings felt sincere. I wanted my thank you to feel enough somehow. abundant. 

Imagine my surprise when Monday came around and already some of my packages had found their way to the midwest. I mailed them on Saturday and they were in IL on Monday! Folks really loved them. All week, as more people are getting them. I am feeling their delight in what I sent. The praise was really something.  

I love the full circle of this entire circumstance, and perhaps I am making a bigger deal out of all of this then I should but I felt it was important to do the right thing.


2016 A Very Good Year

January 25, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

It was a very good year. That 2016. A triumphant year actually. Much to overcome. Yet, in it's artistic glory, a very cathartic year thanks to my art. I've been an artist wanna be my entire life. Sure I dabbled as the kids grew. My arty karen-isms always filtered into whatever I've found myself involved in, but the level in which they were part of my life would probably be defined as a hobbyist. Meaningful, productive and provoking are all words I'd use to define myself as an artist. In recent years the time I've given to my art has grown. i think of the term starving artist. i feel that an artist may not have much, but when they are creating they are at their happiest. That is exactly how i'd describe 2016. Probably to date my most producing art year ever.

Here are some of the highlights: 

"Feminominal"  2 HS Students Gather Art From Local Women. ( I had a photograph hanging in this show) 

Three Of My Collages Were In A Show in Seattle

I Released 4 sets of original collage journal pages.

Over 125 pieces ( The 200, 500, 900 and the Loose Page Series )

Marketing Hire. ( February and May )

Developed Solo Installation ( Jan - May )

Created a collage an envelope tutorial

Successful Collage Workshops at The Bureau

A Collage Circle Was Formed. 

Hire: 4 Whatcom Libraries Hosted Collage Workshops

Lost Art Project - SOLO Installation at The Bureau

Guest Post - What We Don't Know. The Bureau's Blog

Hire: Jansen Art Center ( Winter 2017 Programming )

Fall and Winter Juried Show - Jansen Art Center. 10 selections. ( photography and collage)

Women's Work Installation.  Collaborative Show

Collage A Calendar In 13 Days Collaborative with Sara Holodnick ( Email Campaign )

Narrative Photography

Three Week Photography Intensive. The topic revolved around food. 

Fun Photo Essay Highlighting My Country Studio

Notes:  The establishment known as The Bureau closed 12/31/2016.  It was a gem of a boutique championing a variety of artful humans, myself being one of them. It was easy to call this establishment my home during 2016 - and a great way to launch my artist self here in WA




Josh The Woodsman

January 11, 2017  •  2 Comments

i originally met josh through a buy nothing group on fb 

i needed a seam sewn on a dress i had

he agreed to do that for me.

josh's place was a mini farm

he shared that he was an artist

and made things from wood.

i liked what i saw 

i thought it was terrific that a man sewed.

time passed.

josh posted that he needed some images taken of his beard for a local contest

i wanted to give back and agreed to help him.

one of the things i love to do with my photography is offer a narrative

and even though this post is about josh

there is a small back story.

see the day before i was supposed to shoot images for josh

my brakes failed on my car.

i had to leave my car in an empty parking lot.

even though i often feel new to town

(i've been here over a year now)

i had some folks i could call

one got me to the class i was supposed to teach

another got me home. 

which was pretty darn terrific.

my reality was that i was carless.

nothing worse than letting a client down

josh ended up coming to get me for his photo session

the shoot ended up being way more than 

a few captures of a guys beard

at the end of the day 

he helped me get my car to a mechanic. 

love that. full circle. 

I like when a client is prepared with their own ideas for their project.

like stopping at the nearby mill first. 

boy was i glad i thought to bring my muck boots. muddy!!

josh wanted me to capture him when he is at his happiest. 

working with wood, at his mini farm, with his things around him

he wanted shots of himself in all kinds of hats.  

my favorite was the fur cap. it ended up being his favorite too.

all of them were definitely a layer of personal expression!

and note the great captures of his beard!

I didn't know josh very well

it was clear he loved anything that had to do with working with wood.

he loved his farm, all his animals, his artistry. 

there was a moment that day when i felt he trusted me artistically. 

i took responsibility for that

it felt great!!

what could have been a terrible rainy day 

ended up holding off 

it was a good session.



Collage A Calendar In 13 Days

December 06, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Collage A Calendar In 13 Days

An Online Workshop taught by Karen Hanrahan


As the year draws to a close it can often feel like time speeds up. Schedules explode and although the celebrations of the season are joyous, it can all feel a little overwhelming. 

Collage a Calendar in 13 Days will help you take the edge off your busy schedule and social obligations by giving you space for creative exploration. This online workshop will offer you a way to prepare for the New Year with grounded reflection and thoughtful intention-setting. You will learn how to create a one-of-a-kind collaged calendar for 2017 that is full of your hopes and dreams for the future. 

Just $18 - Click HERE to Enroll. 

( The Bureau is sponsoring this time sensitive workshop - registration is required by DEC 12th - be sure when registering that you click subscribe also - your instruction emails will begin DEC 13th )  

How it Works

You'll receive an email every day for 13 days. Prompts will guide you through the process of creating collages with intention, and tarot readings will provide additional depth to aid your creativity or inspire daily journaling. 

You will make 13 collages over the course of this workshop: One for the cover of your calendar, and one for each month of the year. You can do one collage a day or do a couple longer sessions-- it's up to you!

When you are finished, you will have a complete calendar that is unique to you and your intentions for the New Year.

Included in the workshop:

  • Creative Subconscious Collage tutorial that will teach you the easy, intuitive method you'll use for each collage. 
  • 13 daily collage prompts to help focus your work and set intentions. 
  • Tarot Card of the day prompts, perfect for inspiring your work or journaling as you go. 
  • Complete supplies list.
  • This online workshop is flexible so it fits into your life: Whether you want to carve out 20 minutes each morning or take your time over a beer on a Saturday afternoon.

  • The most important part is making the time and space for yourself. You choose the when and where-- we'll provide the how. 

Photography = a never ending opportunity to capture visual celebrations.