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I commuted a large photography print the other day to hang in a salon type community art show.  317 miles round trip. The image is a 24 x 40 matted and framed self-portrait. The piece is just magnificent.  While it was originally titled "ALONE"  it has also been affectionately named. "SHE." Which just makes me smile.

For those of you who are artists you realize that it's one thing to enter into a show, the other is to have the funds to actually be in something.  This has until now been a hinderance for me.  I did invest $ to commute the darn thing, to print it, to buy materials to restore a frame, have glass cut and my time - along with the immense time and help of a gallery owner who sees my work as compelling and worth sharing. Her vision for me -  is very motivating and humbling. by my side.  The man who printed it was a person, not some commodity print shop, he cared and loved the entire process as if it were his own. by my side. someone tipped me off to the opportunity of this show. more by my side. very cool.  

This is my first hanging.  I have done small local things, but nothing like this. Nothing this large, matted and framed under glass. Nothing like in a show with 200 artists in an environment that has a pulse.  Artists in a show together.  By my side. I have decided not to sell this piece, yet to offer prints instead so that perhaps i can hang if in other shows. Maybe i will win one of the prizes at the show! Maybe someone or a few someone's will purchase a print! 

If you'd care to attend the show Next Wave Art Salon 2013  you are more than welcome!!   I personally will be there after 4 on Saturday.  







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Photography = a never ending opportunity to capture visual celebrations. 


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