BEST OF 2014

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2014 was a prolific image capturing year.  VERY high volume.  SO much of what I photographed I was a tad too close to emotionally. I noticed this when I began searching for my BEST portfolio, it's not that I couldn't define the good, it was more like how can I encapsulate the year and the growth of my artistry and be detached a bit from the experience.   As a process I decided to look at a months worth of work and let a single image speak to me. NOt necessarily as a favorite but more as an expression of a moment, depth of shadow, it's form or a boldness of light and dark. 2014 was a huge learning curve year, and as someone who is self taught there is much more to educate myself about.  I feel proud and I feel excited

In my larger portfolio's I could have easily also selected the bests of - my oregon vacation, my 4 artist residencies, published work or my shows.  I felt that all of those photographs speak on their own.  They say that one of the jobs of an artist is to allow others to experience your work versess spoon feed it to them.   I think my enthusiasm in a show and tell sortof way could learn from that statement.  Less meaning more.

( she who shares everything!!)  

I hope you enjoy 2014 as much as I did.





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Photography = a never ending opportunity to capture visual celebrations. 


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