Dan The Chef And Knife Sharpener

November 17, 2015  •  1 Comment

I met Dan, Chef and Knife Sharpener, in a FB comment thread about ways to make squash. We both seemed to have lots of suggestions. We lived in different towns.  By observing him, he seemed to be a giving sort. Which to me seemed really cool. Dan turned out to be quite a character. i thought to myself who IS this guy? As things go, Dan hit some hard times. Many of which he vocalized honestly on FB. I found myself writing to him and encouraging him to hang in there. A correspondence began.

Some time later I hired Dan to chef a meal for my boyfriend in my home. It was to be a surprise. I was thrilled that it turned out to be exactly that!!

I could have made a nice dinner for my boyfriend myself, but there was something rather wonderful about sharing that preparation with someone who enjoyed food making as much as I did. 

I took quite a few photographs that day.  

Of all of them, this one is my favorite. It's very Dan. 

While Dan cooked he offered tips, tricks and instruction. Part of his giving side.  Very sharing, knowledgeable, and resourced. Oh, and he had a real way with our dog. She just loved him.

In addition to the meal he prepared, he gifted us a sharpening of all of our knives.  The old fashioned way. How cool is that! I loved watching him.What a difference it made for our knives!!

Thank you Dan!!




What can I say? I love dogs and squash.
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Photography = a never ending opportunity to capture visual celebrations. 


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