Twin Sisters Farmers Market

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finally, after a year and a half, I found a balanced and efficient rhythm that combines my snap/ebt benefits, my gasoline budget, my time and my grocery shopping.  

believe it or not at $6 a day in food spending dollars,

HOW i plan, spend and shop is really a bit of a dance.

Some of the farmers markets in this county are part of something called the Fresh Bucks program

This makes it possible for every dollar i spend (up to $10),  to double my local organic vegetable and fruit spending.

it's pretty darn cool.

i spend/buy $10

and get $10 MORE in food for free.

or subsidized.

when i buy food at the farmers market

in addition to getting some for free.

i also get great longevity 

out of what i buy.

for example something like 

swiss chard 

it doesn't quickly go bad like the grocery story swiss chard does.

thats because it was picked the day or day before bought it

vs having travelled from california or who knows where. 

i feel and experience a tremendous value.

and i feel a great gratitude.

i treasure this way of spending

i'd rather give what dollars i have 

to a person. or a farmer 

then a grocery store.

the season for the market closed this past saturday

below is a photo essay of this years visits to the twin sisters farmers market. 

( June - October ) 

Thank you!!




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Photography = a never ending opportunity to capture visual celebrations. 


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