Artists Collaborate To Design Holiday Card

November 03, 2019  •  1 Comment

This commissioned collaborative art project was rather profound. 

I was paid to combine our two creative efforts and make something original. 

I would love to do more work like this. I found the process very invigorating. I feel especially proud of the finished result. More so, what an honor it was to be part of this project. 

She painted the beautiful whimsical dove. Photographed it. Popped the photo and other collage materials in the mail and said, "I trust you"

From what she sent me, I then made the finished collage. Complete with ribbon and stitching. The piece came together with such a knowing. It flowed from me effortlessly.

Together we made her holiday greeting! 

Determined to use all that had been sent to me, I then made a smaller whimsical piece from the ballerina. with white stitching, ribbon and lace and dangly threads. I used everything but those small bits of scrap. 

( before, after with stitching, and back side. )

When I emailed her the images of it completed, and asked her what she thought ...

She replied, "It's beyond my expectations! It's perfect perfectness! We are absolutely delighted"

She then sent images of her smiling face, and her husband with a thumbs up. ( so adorable. )

She then wrote, "So fucking happy with what you did!" 

Now I was smiling!!

Her intent was to create a message of peace and joy. a message of love.

As it often does, the materials she tore out of magazines reflected that. at least to me, and obviously to her. 

I feel the finished collage is symbolic, cheerful, and very vibrational.

I chose to combine the two doves because of who they are as a couple. side by side. in this thing known as life, together. 







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Photography = a never ending opportunity to capture visual celebrations. 


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