Spring Vision 2020 and Collage In The Time Of Coronavirus

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Our Vision 2020 workshop in early January went remarkably well.

8 of us gathered, got to know each other, and made the journals that would launch all of us into the new year. 

The group met again in between scheduled workshops to play and collage!  How fun and relaxing that was! 

the above collage is mine. it was created during our play circle. this represents for me my love for teaching and making art, and that i am on the right track as an artist. I sold this collage.


And then March arrived, and with it, a pandemic, a thing. an unexpected something to navigate. My co-teacher Sara and I decided to take our spring workshop into virtual conferencing.

Sara the master of things ZOOM led the meeting. For some, myself included, it was a first time experience of web conferencing. 

The tone of the gathering was to honor spring, to practice tarot, and to make collage in a creative subconscious way as a collective. I think we honored that intention greatly.

Afterwards I wrote Sara to say that I felt proud of us. We wondered early on, should we meet in person or gather virtually? The decision to go virtual nurtured itself. I didn't feel weird about being voice only in session. Earlier in the day I was wound up tight nervous. After class, I felt so relaxed. 

Spring Vision 2020 online was as experiential and meaningful as it could have been in person. I love how at the beginning of our session that it was still light out, but as the workshop progressed it got golden and then it got dark. I love how those involved set things up so that they could participate fully. I love how each of our collages offered a reveal of sorts. as creative subconscious collage always does. I love that we had an entire evening together.  

Below is the collage I made. It doesn't fit a journal page at about 11.5 inches tall. I love how it turned out especially my decision to bind the edges.  Later I added machine stitches to it. 

There is a moment of synchronicity about this collage worth mentioning. A few days before workshop I was working on my people project. It's a collage narration about social phobia, i don't have an artist statement about all of it just yet. Defintely a work in progress. This 18 x 24 piece is one of two that prompted the idea. 

On the afternoon of the Spring Vision 2020 workshop I found this image of an angel sitting in with my glass plates.. I had not noticed it before. I literally spoke to it. I said, " are to be part of my collage tonight?" 


This is what happened to that angel!   My collage speaks to many things for me. In relationship to the 3 tarot cards I pulled, they affirm that it's ok to boast good fortune and success. even in the times of the coronavirus. actually as things spiral. The point is noone else is going to toot my horn. The cards invited me to trust my inspiration and enthusiasm for my art. They also encouraged me to act with a smile, an open heart, and to relish my making. I love the light behind the angel. and I love all the ideas implied by all of those shapes above. Lastly the collage has me feeling like I am somehow useful in the world, which was one of the words that I called upon in session. Both Sara and I instruct using single words as a way to guide our instruction. I forgot to take an image of this after I added stitches to it. I'll try and do that and add it later. 

This is the first time that I've taught with another where we each bring our unique gifts to a common space and place of learning. This is my first time where in advance. Many signed on for a year of the expertise we hope to share. I am very grateful. 




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