Essence Of Bellingham 2020

May 19, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

it's early may, and over the weekend i tackled my submit to the essence of bellingham contest. i am pinching myself that it's my 5th year doing this. i need to be in a certain mood to do it and it takes a good chunk of time.

at least this year i had good company.

This year the annual contest celebrates 15 years and had over 300 submissions. 

i try to collect Esssence of Bellingham-esque images in a folder as I go along in my year. but then sometimes i forget to collect them in the month for which they were taken so i have to go back and find them again. I then find more that i forgot or now like - and then deciding my favorite 10 can be quite a challenge. Still,  I always love the pause and the perspectives I see about town.

My work isn't typical, it is often described as arty, or for some too up close and personal but I have almost always been awarded/recognized in one way or another which feels pretty great. The winners images are printed and hung each year in city hall. i love visiting the collection and seeing familiar local photographers and their work.

The kayak image won in 2019. the taco tule truck capture won in 2018. 

( hmmmm, just noticed that those past images are black and white. interesting. )

In past years I try to tuck in an abandoned curb couch or an image of the iconic "maude" that adorns the store front of mod socks.

somehow those images never win.

Well, I can now eat those words because the announcement was just made. In 2020 I was awarded 3 honorable mentions which include "maude". AND my cat, plus something I consider super arty!! I am so delighted!!

Below are the 10 images that I submitted this year.

To see the year of images go to this portfolio:

( for some reason when i tried to make that into a hyperlink  - it kept truncating. ) 





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Photography = a never ending opportunity to capture visual celebrations. 


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