My 4x6 Notecard Process

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Here is the process for my 4x6 Notecards

This work falls into the collage, stitched collage, crazy quilt style with paper collage, quilting with paper category. 

That these became notecards is a happy accident. 

No two are alike. 

I just love that they are selling.

I love that those buying them have a special someone they want to send them too. 

Card Top

I build these patterns around a select 5 sided piece of paper. Cards are made from torn apart linen and anthropology catalogs.  Some are built around a certain color palette. I use a glue stick. My studio has a cat.

meet amber. 

I am managing the selling of these in an album on FB at the moment.

simply "like" the card you want to purchase.

i will mark it sold. 

buy 4 and get a discount on price.


I stitch these with my sewing machine using a wide zig zag. metaphorically, the pieces are me "broken" and held together by stitches that have me become a new whole.


I use the bind with backing method. I try and find colors to match the initial piece. These backings are from W magazine. The paper has a light almost newsprint feel to the page. If you tore away the kraft back, you'd find a carefully selected backing. 

See below.  The backing is sized just a tad larger than the stitched collage. See the bit of yellow on the sides? The yellow will be part of the binding.

The stitched collage is then bound by folding the backing around the card.

I then attach the brown kraft note card, and stitch the two together using my sewing machine.

Each card comes with an envelope. 

This is batch #3

Finished 4x6 Notecards.

Front and backside (a place to write a note)  w/ envelope







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