About Photographer Karen Hanrahan  For quite sometime I thought of myself as a closet creative. To me, that meant I wasn’t officially an artist.  As of late, I am out of the closet creatively. I feel like an artist each and everyday! I am captivated by the image stories around me. This has me taking way too many photographs! Self taught, utilizing a simple point and shoot camera, I work intuitively. My image capturing style is described as organic, up close, and authentic. They say that my images are narrative. I like that! I seek opportunities to tell an image tale through my photography. Tell me more about your project - I can't wait to bring my unique expression to it.

About Collage And Workshops  Karen Hanrahan began tearing magazine images and assembling them into collage in the late 90's. Finding the process insightful and relaxing she shared the technique with others. Her Creative Subconscious Collage workshop evolved and became popular. After many years of facilitating workshops this methodology is still tried and true. Timeless, actually. A trust in the process is key, a willingness to play another, and taking the time to immerse also becomes part of doing Creative Subconscious Collage. For some years Karen applied this technique to journaling. Her torn bits of magazine narrated love, pain, loss and courage.  They told her story. Since it’s the only story she has, she loves that art can be therapeutic and telling. Facilitating workshops is a way to give to others this personal and inquisitive tool, as well as a way to meet other creatives like herself. It took Karen a good part of 2019 to develop her newest collage technique. Most of the work of 2021 utilizes a stitched crazy quilt style, but with paper. 


PORTFOLIO ( 2022 )