About Photographer Karen Hanrahan  For quite sometime I thought of myself as a closet creative. To me, that meant I wasn’t officially an artist.  As of late, I am out of the closet creatively. I feel like an artist each and everyday! I am captivated by the image stories around me. This has me taking way too many photographs! Self taught, utilizing a simple point and shoot camera, I work intuitively. My image capturing style is described as organic, up close, and authentic. They say that my images are narrative. I like that! I seek opportunities to tell an image tale through my photography. Tell me more about your project - I can't wait to bring my unique expression to it.


About Collage Artist/Workshop Facilitator Karen Hanrahan  I started to collage in 1997. An Artist Way group met on Monday mornings. It was a perfect way to start the week. My compulsion to tear has since evolved. In 2013 I began to journal in collage. Works from that time narrated an empty nest, a lost home, a broken heart, and a courageous move to the pacific northwest. In 2017 I took on collaging daily. Collage for me is meditative, story telling, personally insightful and some times dead on about the nuances of my subconscious mind. I respect the reveal. I love to share the process I use to collage with others. 



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profile image taken by jonathan williams