About Photographer Karen Hanrahan  For quite sometime I thought of myself as a closet creative. To me, that meant I wasn’t officially an artist.  As of late, I am out of the closet creatively. I feel like an artist each and everyday! I am captivated by the image stories around me. This has me taking way too many photographs! Self taught, utilizing a simple point and shoot camera, I work intuitively. My image capturing style is described as organic, up close, and authentic. They say that my images are narrative. I like that! I seek opportunities to tell an image tale through my photography. Tell me more about your project - I can't wait to bring my unique expression to it.


About Collage Artist/Workshop Facilitator Karen Hanrahan  I started to collage in 1997. An Artist Way group met on Monday mornings. It was a perfect way to start the week. My compulsion to tear has since evolved. In 2013 I began to journal in collage. Works from that time narrated an empty nest, a lost home, a broken heart, and a courageous move to the pacific northwest. In 2017 I took on collaging daily and did so until I felt buried alive in collage work! Collage for me is meditative, story telling, personally insightful and some times dead on about the nuances of my subconscious mind. I respect the reveal. I love to share the creative subconscious collage process that I often use with others. It took me a good part of 2019 to develop my newest collage technique. Most of the work of 2021 utilizes this stitched crazy quilt style, but with paper.  


Read about my creative subconscious collage workshops here

Ask me about my "Collage with Karen" sessions. I developed them during things pandemic. It's a subscribe only style workshop. I run them via email four times a year.


My art work has developed and expanded very organically. There might be a better way to organize it all, but that is not where I want to spend my time. I do share in a variety of places. Below is my way of trying to explain where.


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You are currently at my website. The blog posts here are written much like a resume and go back all the way to 2013. Photographs at my website are assembled often as a project or something in progress. 


Facebook. I have a personal profile. I have an artist page. I have a wellness page. These social media places and I have been together since 2007. There are MANY, way too many many albums. If you tell me what interests you I can provide a more specific and directive link. Please let me do that for you. I know the volume is and can be overwhelming. 


Instagram. My IG feeds into FB, but each platform has a very different vibe. Images in my instagram feed are taken with my tablet. I welcome you to any of these platforms. Thank you for following me.


Art purchasing happen spontaneously mostly within social media platforms. For payment I accept PayPal, cash and check. The preferred way to communicate with me is via email. Fill in my contact form here for a prompt reply.


Find my work at The Lucky Dumpster in Edison, WA and at Brazen Shop + Studio in Bellingham, WA 




above image taken by Jonathan williams. I think in 2018