an imageteller captures image celebrations.

sharing image tales broadens an artistic expression.

doing so, brings this particular creative indescribable joy.

what is your image story? perhaps I can help you tell it! 



Portfolio 2022

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Collage From Journals or Workshops

Stitched Collage 

Solo Touring Installations - Inspirit Form, Singularity, Project Catwalk

Stitched Birds 2020, 2021

purple martinpurple martinpurple martin wood thrushwood thrushwood thrush tufted tit mousetufted tit mousetufted tit mouse SOLD - mama bluebird and babiesSOLD - mama bluebird and babiesSOLD - mama bluebird and babies

Currently Developing:  The People Project: 18 x 24, 9x12, 8x8 (stitched)


Step By Step Creative Subconscious Collage Process

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I photographed a step by step narrative of the creative subconscious collage process during my 01/02/2022 new moon session. 

1. you need a magazine, scissors and glue stick

2. a journal helps, if needed cut a backing for your collage so that it can fit into your journal - this was a 6x6 square. 

3. set the timer for 5 minutes and flip through your magazine. remember to allow images to choose you.

4. set aside the pages you've torn out. these and only these are what you will create your collage with. I had 7 pages here. I used all of the pages but one.

5. set the timer for 20-30 minutes. cut or tear as you see fit. pairings and the way things fit together seem to find their own way. for example that eye needed to be inside that piece of arched pink. consider a background to help pull the variety of pieces together. 

6. finish the piece by glueing any loose edges down and trimming sides if needed. 

7. Take a picture of your collage. While it's in front of you, decide what you think you see within your collage. Bring words to it by writing in your journal. 

8. I wrote in my journal. "I am centered. I love where my creative winds will take me. I look forward to teaching and the long term projects I have plans for in 2022"   Part of my "prompt" was reading about the opposing forces that might be ahead. my desire for order and my desire for quiet. I was inspired by the writings of friend who said that we all have light within us. I want to share my knowledge with others

9. What do you see within my collage? 

* It is not necessary to do more. I personally am compelled to stitch my work because as an artist that's my creative aesthetic. I also added a washi tape border. I am experimenting with photo corners to hold my collage in place in my journal. what do you think? 

For those new to my world, this is my studio space and my cat amber




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When the pandemic hit in the beginning of 202O many of my friends where picking their groceries up curbside. Unfortunately those of us who used food stamps were not able to process payment for that service. At least where I was shopping. and so, I shopped in person, in a crowded store, wearing my mask, and experiencing much angst. panic attack angst. and while I perfected the 2 week shop and even once I did a 28 day shop ( don't ask me how), the task of shopping for groceries was epic, exhausting and very frustrating. 

In June of 2020, all of that changed. EBT payments were accepted! I fell in LOVE with curbside pick up. Like it CHANGED my life. I guess in these times we all have to find the joy somehow!

At first my snapping a photo of my pick up number was a way to celebrate this remarkable event. I kept taking images each time into the following year. 

Here is 2021, at curbside. 

You Are Invited To Collage With Karen In 2022

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Dear dear creative friends,

I wanted to reach out to you and tell you how much I loved hosting the Collage With Karen sessions this past year.  I loved it SO much I want to do again in 2022. 

YOU are invited!! 

The four seasonal sessions seemed just enough. The email method worked splendidly. Subscribing for the year gave participants a chance to commit to a creative opportunity, without my having to manage payments for sessions.

*the creative subconscious collage process

The price will remain the same and just like last year - I’ll offer a discount opportunity early January! I will also offer an additional discount if you bring a friend.

Here are some comments from 2021:

“I'm truly grateful to be in your inbox and to be engaged in interactive creativity in mind, spirit and paper”

“This process always affirms the value of tapping into the subconscious to me.”

“It makes my heart smile to feel rooted for/supported in this way.”

“This has so helped me in process, contentment, discipline and joy.

Thank you dear friend, confidant and teacher.”

“This collage was SO needed for me right now. That's what I love about the timing of these. They are always right at the exact perfect moment to receive what I most need from that prompt in the season.”

“Thank you for doing this and for your patience with those of us who sometimes just.... can’t.”

“This process has enriched my life.”

*my collages from the 2021 sessions. 


POP UP at Social Fabric

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In September, Renee- owner of Social Fabric invited me to participate in a holiday pop up! Myself and a select few others will be vending. You will find Social Fabric inside this Bay Street Village building at the corner of Prospect and Holly. I have a truly lovely history with Social Fabric. They have hosted me twice for solo exhibits and such and one of my photographs is used for the branding of their newsletter! It tickles me pink every time I see it. One thing I can say about Social Fabric. I always feel very celebrated!

I made an assortment of cards, and very unique, one of a kind stitched collage art for the event!! 

Find us this weekend 11/26-27 and next 12/3-4

Photography = a never ending opportunity to capture visual celebrations. 


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