an imageteller captures image celebrations.

sharing image tales broadens an artistic expression.

doing so, brings this particular creative indescribable joy.

what is your image story? perhaps I can help you tell it! 



The 2022 Amber The Cat Calendar is NOW ready to order!

September 28, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

The calendar is here! The 2022 Amber The Cat calendar is here!

( note: some images in this post are for promotion only, they are not in the calendar )

For the third year now, I am celebrating my cat AMBER with another calendar and donating a % of sales to our local humane society where I found her.

Calendars are printed on demand at Applied Digital Imaging

This means I am not paying upfront for calendars and or managing shipping and handling. 

Price is the same. $24.99 - tax included. YAY!

The above price does NOT include shipping. 

LOCALS - pick up is FREE! 

Customers must wear a mask, and curbside pick up can be arranged.

Get this - Local delivery is also an option and FREE!

How great is that!

Let me give you the shipping options/prices:

FREE Local pick up or delivered 24.99

USPS Priority Mail Flat Mailer 24.99 + 10.45 = 35.44

USPS First Class Mail 24.99 + 7.80 = 32.79

USPS Media Mail 24.99 + 6.94 = 31.93 - no tracking, 7+ days transit time

NOT interested in donating to the humane society??? Subtract $5

If you are out of the country. then costs are based on weight and zipcode (for example: shipping to prague is $16.04, no tracking. 2020 pricing)

The calendar is stapled. The folding at the staples is improved. Dark grid lines are present. Moon phases are now included, along with the correct holidays dates. 

( for those who are repeat customers both Ben and I are so sorry about what happened last year. ) 

Calendar includes a 2023 year at a glance page.

20% of ALL sales are donated to Whatcom County Humane Society.

If you are not interested in donating. The calendar cost is $20.00. 

Want one?  THIS is the Process: 

1. TELL ME you want one. 

2. Select your shipping option if not local. Pay for your calendar (pay pal is preferred. Check is ok) Give me your mailing address.

3. When a calendar is ready for pick up or shipped, I will alert you

HUGE thank you to my friend Ricky who helped me get multiple images into one image file for this years calendar.

 and to Ben at Applied Digital Imaging

1803 North State Street

Bellingham, WA 98225

During Phase 2, we are opening the lobby (masks required) and continuing to offer curbside service by request. We offer free Local Pickup and Delivery. A variety of shipping options are also available.

Shop hours are 8 am to 4:30 pm, Monday-Friday.



A Watercolor Painting By Elizabeth Gray

September 23, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

a cool thing happened that I wanted to be sure to make note of here at my blog.

A self taught Australian water color artist named Elizabeth Gray messaged me after she had done a google search. She found one of my photographs that had been in a group show in Chicago. She respectively asked permission to paint it.

She shared that this painting was quite the challenge for her, even causing her a panic attack along the way. What she ended up painting turned out to be really beautiful!

This story and her other work can be found on Instagram.

Her google search was "upside down crow" inspired by a quote. I love how random her find was. All I can say is keep painting Elizabeth!

the image below is a screen shot of what she painted. I mean wow. right? 





Schacktoberfest 2021

September 22, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

The Schack Art Center in Everett is hosting a FALL-tastic group art show. Two of my bird pieces were juried into this beloved autumn themed event. Other happenings include an art auction and an artist pumpkin patch. You can also blow your own glass pumpkin by appointment!

The show opens 9/23 and runs through Nov 6th. I am absolutely delighted to be included! 

Specific details are here.

8x8 Stitched Collages. 


UPDATE: I took a day trek and visited the Schack Art Center to celebrate my birthday. The drive is an hour each way. It was a gorgeous fluffy white cloud warm autumn day.

My work was in a tall glass case right next to the door when you walk in.

Whenever I attend group shows I always try and select a piece or two, or three that really speak to me.

1. section of an impressive resin piece. Kimberly Leo

2. graphite rendering on bristol.  J. Gordon

3  monoprint with stitching. Maren Oates

4. oil pastel on "worried' paper bag. organic looking. very cool. hung with a magnet

5. a moon surrounded by doodling, just part of it

6. fun mural outside

The collection of glass pumpkins was vast, impressive and so so very colorful. 

I guess this is what the highway looks like late afternoon on a Friday. ugh.



NEW at Brazen Shop and Studio Fall 2021

September 08, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

we have updated two original collages into the 11x14 frames. these are now for sale. 

gosh, i love how they look framed. 

the perspective series is now framed and they look so so very awesome!

other prints and cards and stickers are still available for purchase

karen and allison shared that their super tiny boutique hosts 70 vendors now!

I am delighted and honored to be one of them!

HOPE a virtual group exhibit with Roaring Artist Gallery

August 25, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

I am super excited to have had two jurors select my collage for the HOPE exhibit opening September 1 - October 31st, 2021! 

This will be my second showing with Roaring Artist Gallery.

The first show was Connections.

I am loving how this particular gallery is becoming

The virtual model is very unique.

This is a large group exhibit

I made this collage in 1999.

It is an early piece, meaning something I made when I first began to collage.

It's very meaningful

I've always called it HOPE

Be sure to message me if you want to sign up for my Collage with Karen workshops. 

Artist statement: 

Over 20 years ago I learned a creative subconscious collage process that changed my life. I made a collage that gifted me a sense of hope in the most unexpected way. 

I was riding what seemed like an endless wave of good fortune. Into the new year my circumstances collectively were the complete opposite. I felt despair. I wanted my good fortune bubble back. 

I belonged to a creative group who met on Monday mornings. We practiced the creative subconscious mind process and collaged together. On one particular Monday I declared myself a non-participant. I was having a hard time and didn’t feel like making a collage. My mentor thought otherwise. She told me to prompt with the color blue for my very bad “blue” mood. Reluctantly, I pulled images that spoke blue to me and assembled accordingly. This collage brought me to tears. I saw pearls of wisdom and seeds that became flowers. The branch grounded its becoming. Lace represented blossoming or an actual flower. To the side of the flower is the gill of a shark. It suggests an opportunity to breath. This assemblage was my subconscious mind inspiring me. It was telling me that everything will work itself out. It offered me a sense of hope

I thought a lot about the prompt for this call for art. In current times I make many collages and while some might have  fit into the category of hope, this elder collage is where it all began. I kept coming back to it as my piece to submit. A few years after this collage was made I began teaching this process to others. In the 20 + years since, the collage work created utilizing the subconscious mind process continues to offer insight and hope to its creator. 

Dimensions: 11.5 x 16 

Medium: collage




Photography = a never ending opportunity to capture visual celebrations.