A Decade Ago And The Creative Subconcious Process

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( A Collage I made in a workshop I taught at Dancing Rabbit EcoVillage - Fall 2015 )

It's May 2024 and I just found this commentary I wrote about the subconscious mind collage process and the above piece.

I made this collage the week after I left Illinois in 2015.

It examples the subconscious mind trying to make sense of a relationship that fell apart.

Can you believe that that was almost 10 years ago now?  ( geesh ) 

I didn't ask this collage to be made. It arrived. and it profoundly affirmed ... "This was not your fault." It said. "He was broken. He came from a past that haunted him. He failed you and he failed himself. "

I needed to know that at the time.

Working with others - in workshops and collage circles, the collage reveal is sometimes hard to see. A bit like the above collage. This was not an easy piece to be with.

Today I am working on another residency application and I have been updating my resume. 

I make many different things. Mini stitched collages. Certain work in certain dimensions for upcoming events. It's hard to keep track of it all.

( I admit that I am not the best at keeping my records/portfolio in order )

In current times I am working on a long term collage project titled The People Project.

It continues to be a work in progress. It's a project that I submit to artist residencies. 

The project began in 2018. With many collages created in an 18x24 format. 

I felt overwhelmed after a year of working large because of limited storage space

I shifted the theme to a 9x12 format - sorry, they are not uploading to this post. click link to view

When I began to stitch my work, or replicate crazy quilt style pieces like quilting with paper,

these 8x8 collages were born! i called them portraiture within a boundary 

Both of the above sizes are now in the process of being bound. Binding is a way to finish a collage and make it easier to hang.

Below - Before and After Binding. 8x8

A 9x12 after its been bound

So far....or as of Spring 2024

2 18x24 Collages.

the 2 18x24 that spired the title of the project.

*a few others of this size could fit the theme 

27 - 9x12 -ish Collages. ish, means that after these were bound they became smaller in size. 

26 - 8x8 - 26

*total: 55

* forgive that these might be inexact #'s - i keep making and sometimes lose count.



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