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spring 2024

creative elder bearded cat lady here

i am a narrative photographer. to me that means I capture a narrative that is often every day simple captures. or image groupings that tell stories. folks tell me they know when an image capture is mine. when i hear that. I feel like i have arrived. 

when I apply to artist residencies I apply with a focus on collage because i have a project right now that would benefit from a focused and devoted time to it

in general my collage making is prolific

the truth is as an artist if awarded a residency, i come along with both mediums.  

participating in a residency is a story. i will tell that story with photography. 

that said, and because i take a zillion photos i find it tremendously challenging to share what i do in up to 10 images, but here goes


my last holiday greeting

my dear feline companion amber

local black and white city scape. across the street from my favorite bakery


last year ( 2023 ) i got to the other side of a medical challenge. it is represented creatively with 14 collages titled the kidney series. it hangs permanently at a local gourmet food shop. 

mini stitched work. the size of a playing card. originally created to donate to a local free art gallery. the mini's work well on a note card also

recent 9x12 - people project. the box id filled with heads, faces, eyes etc...

9x12 with a binding. people project 

before and after 8x8's - people project with binding.  these 8x8's are like my mini collages. stitched and working within a boundary. they mimic a quilting technique called crazy quilting. quilts have a binding. i bind my paper pieces the same way. it took me years to perfect this self taught technique.

links and other examples upon request. 







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Photography = a never ending opportunity to capture visual celebrations. 


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