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I am preparing for an artist of the month window display.

TWO windows actually.

Two windows featuring ME and MY creativity!!

Oh my gosh, i am going to be an artist of the month. 

One window will be current collage work.

Perhaps some photography ?

I haven't decided that part yet --  

The other window will honor a collaborative project titled the "LOST ART PROJECT"

The project is about the "Lost Art" of writing letters. The additional "art" element is collaged envelopes that have gone through the mail.

At the beginning of March I sent an email and a facebook post soliciting a call for participation.  The response was so enthusiastic.  

The collection and collaboration has really REALLY come together.  Envelope collages from as far as Quebec and from folks as young as 7 ( who sent me THE most adorable little joke book) have been trickling in. Even Bob the mailman has said how the collages have brightened his mail route.

Being on the receiving end of all this artful mail has really brightened my recent days - my life actually, as only getting mail can!  Just as I have enjoyed making envelopes for others to bring them a bit of joy in their mail box!

I hope the window display will be a reminder how sharing a part of one's self via snail mail truly makes a difference in people's lives!

Thank you to The Bureau for featuring me this JUNE.  

Art Walk that month is June 3rd.  

Won't you join us?






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Photography = a never ending opportunity to capture visual celebrations. 


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