Essence Of Bellingham 2018

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Each year the City Of Bellingham hosts a photography contest called the Essence Of Bellingham. I entered it in the spring of 2016, when I had only been west a short while. I didn't win. In 2017 I entered again and I was awarded 4 honorable mentions. Woot! One of the images was printed and hung up in city hall for the year. Pretty cool. In 2018, I entered and my photograph of the Tacos El Tule food truck won an honorable mention! The story gets better though. When I posted the news of my award, my friend and a collector of my work could hardly believe it - her husband was from the very small in the middle of nowhere Mexican town known as El Tule! Isn't that just wild? She BOUGHT the photograph to give to her husband for their anniversary. I just love how small and significant the world can be. In making sure the story continued on, I made a print to gift to the folks at Taco El Tule. None of this would have happened if they weren't selling tacos!

I have a bit of experience narrating food truck and pop up restaurant stories



Below are the ten photographs I submitted this year, and here are all the images I set aside to try and pick my final shots from. It's always a fun process. 




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Photography = a never ending opportunity to capture visual celebrations. 


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