What's Next For 2020

September 18, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

I have been in an internal space lately.

9 months into 2019. The year has been a flurry! A good flurry. Despite good, I also hit a spot of stuck. Too many ideas swirling in my brain. So I took some time to just think.

This intentional bit of quiet spired a variety of creative decisions that will move my art into the new year.

My first bit of exciting news is that I have a new solo installation that will launch in January at the hip boutique gallery known as Brazen Shop + Studio.



"Singularity" is a comprehensive installation.  21 11x14 framed collages.

A three word collective narrative will accompany the work.   

Since the collection is touring, I am prepared to sell fine art prints.

Singularity has 3 other bookings into 2020 so far. 


I dismantled my 2019 interactive collage installation known as Project Catwalk and curated the organic work into three smaller banner themes that can be shown individually or as a group.  The Eyes Have It, Fluid and Sci-Fi.  The uniqueness of these is how they connect together as banners with pear shaped pins and require no frames. I am hoping for some flexibility.


( The Eyes Have It )

( Fluid )

( Sci-Fi )

My touring black and white collage trio is ready for it's next host. These have shown for several years and have been as far as Seattle. 

In development: 

I plan to take these two 18 x 24 collages to the next level. The theme is People. I hope as the work develops to begin a narrative around the topic of social phobia. I think it could make a provocative solo presentation or bring a dynamic to a group show. Right now I envision these large pieces cut into quarters and framed, but hung in groups as if they were whole. 

I plan to continue making these crazy quilt style pieces. They were such a blast to make. I may embellish them with hand embroidery. A new skill. or even theme them. seasons? holiday?

I've been playing around with the still life theme THREE with my photography. Right now the idea is having them printed into small squares. perhaps repeating them and creating a pattern.

I want to do something with these photographs below that look like collage. They are reflections in glass.  

Can you perhaps see why I feel a tad overwhelmed by how many creative ideas I want to bring into fruition?

At the same time, I sure am looking forward to how positively dynamic the year ahead is going to be!!  





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Photography = a never ending opportunity to capture visual celebrations. 


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