Coming Soon :: Birds Eye View At Smith And Vallee Gallery

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12/13/2017 ---  my number was called for low-income housing. I had applied 25 months prior. Took 2 years to be approved. Not trusting at first that I had finally secured a safe and stable place to live. It was not until 2019 that I added my current address to my drivers license. Took that long to trust. 

Now into my third lease, I am clear that I have a home. one that I can afford while rebuilding my life. and a quiet, private space and place that i am ever so very grateful for.

The details of securing here, and moving happened very very quickly. My approval date and my moving in date were 4 days apart. once here, the place was so small that I had to unpack the 30 boxes just to make room. took me another 4 days. no stranger to packing and moving. I got it done. it was intense, and complicated.

This collage was made during that very hectic and emotional time.  It represents the folks who helped me move.

This collage was recently juried into the 8th Invitational group show "birds eye view" coming to Smith & Vallee Gallery in FEB.




I pondered a variety of "Birds Eye View" pieces to submit:



I asked a friend/ collector of my work for feedback on what art I was considering to submit and she ended up buying this one below!! Love when that happens. 




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Photography = a never ending opportunity to capture visual celebrations. 


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