Step By Step Creative Subconscious Collage Process

January 05, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

I photographed a step by step narrative of the creative subconscious collage process during my 01/02/2022 new moon session. 

1. you need a magazine, scissors and glue stick

2. a journal helps, if needed cut a backing for your collage so that it can fit into your journal - this was a 6x6 square. 

3. set the timer for 5 minutes and flip through your magazine. remember to allow images to choose you.

4. set aside the pages you've torn out. these and only these are what you will create your collage with. I had 7 pages here. I used all of the pages but one.

5. set the timer for 20-30 minutes. cut or tear as you see fit. pairings and the way things fit together seem to find their own way. for example that eye needed to be inside that piece of arched pink. consider a background to help pull the variety of pieces together. 

6. finish the piece by glueing any loose edges down and trimming sides if needed. 

7. Take a picture of your collage. While it's in front of you, decide what you think you see within your collage. Bring words to it by writing in your journal. 

8. I wrote in my journal. "I am centered. I love where my creative winds will take me. I look forward to teaching and the long term projects I have plans for in 2022"   Part of my "prompt" was reading about the opposing forces that might be ahead. my desire for order and my desire for quiet. I was inspired by the writings of friend who said that we all have light within us. I want to share my knowledge with others

9. What do you see within my collage? 

* It is not necessary to do more. I personally am compelled to stitch my work because as an artist that's my creative aesthetic. I also added a washi tape border. I am experimenting with photo corners to hold my collage in place in my journal. what do you think? 

For those new to my world, this is my studio space and my cat amber




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Photography = a never ending opportunity to capture visual celebrations. 


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