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I am absolutely delighted to be participating in a group exhibit with Jackson Junge Gallery. I have a history with this dynamic Chicago gallery and have always felt welcome and at home here. The staff continues to make the exhibiting experience personal. This is the first group show since things pandemic, and it is the largest show of the galleries existence. 

The theme of the show is TEN by TEN, meaning....submit anything you want just as long as it measures EXACTLY 10x10. The art also MUST hang with a wire. 

As many of you know hanging my collage work with a wire is a challenge. My stitched pieces are made a very specific way out of paper. Each piece is finished and two sided. a wire doesn't fit well into that aesthetic. my work is usually hung with mini clips. 

and yet, thanks to the wonderful brainstorming with staff they came up with an alternative to the wire, and a solution that fit into the theme. 



while the solution isn't perfect, after much trial and error...I did it!!

The collage is threaded to hang! 

See the front and back below

In the past I have exhibited photography with this gallery

This is my first time submitting stitched collage work. 

artist statement: I created “parted” originally in 2016 when I was collaging daily. I had just moved to the PNW and landed an unbearable roommate circumstance. The 8x10 collage and other art almost got ruined by moisture while storing in my car. I decided to upcycle the work to see if I could save it and made it in my current stitched crazy quilt like style.

The collage is black and white on the left and brightly colored on the right to show how I've left that bleak circumstance behind me. 2022 is much brighter.

This is what I added to make it the correct size. The piece has a binding to finish the look. It measured a perfect 10x10

Bio: Karen Hanrahan found her way to WA State in her mid-50's after living most of her life in the midwest. She has grown children, a cat, she loves road trips, scratch cooking and anything made out of glass. She lives small in less than 300 square feet and values light, quiet and privacy. She makes quilt like mixed media pieces out of paper. Her materials are gifted or found, which keeps her making very low cost and sustainable. She has been a collage artist for over 25 years. Her collage and photography work has shown in galleries all over the country.  She teaches others the creative subconscious mind collaging process.

The exhibit begins on Sept 27, with an official opening on Oct7th, and will hang until Nov 6th

About this event. CHICAGO— Jackson Junge Gallery presents TEN by TEN, their sixth exhibition of the 2022 season, and very first open-submission group show since the COVID-19 pandemic. The exhibition includes over 100 artists based mostly out of the Chicago area and serves as a celebration of the artists that have worked with the gallery over the past thirteen years along with welcoming new artists the gallery hopes to build relationships with over the coming years.

TEN by TEN is an exhibition for the artists and for the people, with a wide variety of styles and works by both established and emerging artists. In hopes of inspiring new creation, the only prompt given to TEN by TEN artists was a size restriction; everything must be exactly 10”x10” in terms of width and height and be able to hang on the gallery wall with a wire. Most of the pieces in TEN by TEN are new works made in 2022 and range from traditional painting to sculpture that is 20” in depth to quilting and photography.

A welcoming space that truly has something for everyone, Jackson Junge Gallery has always made it part of their mission to carry fine artworks that appeal to a wide variety of clientele and to keep accessible options available. 10”x10” is an extension of this philosophy that the gallery is excited to share with their friends, artists, and patrons as the show includes works with values ranging from under $100 to over $2,000.

Collage of participating artists:






















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Photography = a never ending opportunity to capture visual celebrations. 


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