Kids Art Walk 2023 Undiscovered Species

May 03, 2023  •  Leave a Comment

Undiscovered Species is the theme this year for Make.Shift's Kids ArtWalk

The group youth student/local artist exhibit opens on Friday's Art Walk through May

My student Rowan from Samish Woods Montessori writes: 

This creature is an alien from an unknown place. It can go without food for decades though it needs water often. In order to get food, it needs to travel down to the mountains of Earth and eat rocks because its home planet has different minerals than Earth. This is the reason it has only been seen once, when it flew over Bellingham to get to Mt. Baker. Its pet peeve: volcanos; too hot to eat, though rocks are good with a little bit of spice. It is solitary.

Student's Art:


My Artist Statement: “Amber The Alien Cat flies down to Mt Baker for its very rare feasting of rocks. The orange topped rocks are extra spicy."

Bellingham self taught creative Karen Hanrahan is middle-aged and owns a cat named Amber. She makes quilt like art with paper. 

Rowans drawing reminded me of my cat. Most of the image resources are from an Amber The Cat Calendar




If this stitched collage art does not sell it will be donated to Rowan and his family. 



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