Dawn To Dusk With Two Blokes And A Bus

January 26, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Just spent a winter day - from dawn to dusk with Two Blokes And A Bus!   I have been part of Jon Fritzen and Steffan Block's business dream come true since March of 2012, capturing the restoration of their beauty of a 1958 Double Decker Bus "Victoria", assisting with their successful Kickstarter campaign and more.  I feel tremendously proud of all that they have accomplished.  More so it completely warms my heart to see them experiencing such success and love from our community!  There are several things that I feel make their story so compelling.  Firstly, street food trucks usually don't thrive in the winter,  yet here the blokes have a line of people waiting for them twice a day.  This is not only amazing, it's shows a devotion to a super good thing!  If the food created by Chef Jon wasn't mouthwatering these folks would not endure the bitter cold to enjoy it. Yet - the food is what this "bustaurant" is all about!   What many may not know is that there is an entire staff of "blokes"   that hand craft every single item that is served.   This attention to detail, love of and scratch made is not something typically experienced here in Bloomington - Normal.  These gentleman work really really hard and best of all LOVE every single minute of what they are doing!  






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