The Secret Garden And I :: Spring

May 15, 2013  •  1 Comment

I have known this master gardener and her husband for some time now.  Her garden when I first saw it, prime in it's season a few years back, struck me like a Monet Painting.   It was JUST gorgeous!!  Vast, lush, abundant, rich with texture and vibrant color. Choreographed, yet not too manicured or perfect. It's a garden that does what nature intends with a bit of guidance, devotion, and a LOT of love. Oh and a lot of effort! They work very hard to take care of this natural delightful space!!  

The slide show below shares a bit of my spring time in the secret garden .

FULL three season portfolio here.


Secret Gardener(non-registered)
Wow!!! What a stunning timeline of the garden waking up and exploding with lush greenery! This photographer has a way of capturing more than the obvious beauty, and taking it to the level of a garden fairy, who sees the inner workings of color, texture and form and how they all dance in harmony. What a joy it is to have others enjoy and immerse themselves in the efforts of this secret gardeners canvas and intimate connection with her garden. Exploding with joy!
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Photography = a never ending opportunity to capture visual celebrations. 


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