Behold :: A Year Of Collage

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Behold :: A Year Of Collage.

On my birthday last year I decided to begin a journal of collages.  One year later, again on my birthday, I am here today to acknowledge that body of work.

Inspired by the writings of Julie Cameron, author of The Artist Way, I took an “Artist Date”  to be with and culminate my thoughts.

My journaling began as a practice of determined productivity, an exercise in accountability, as well as, a way to example myself as a creative outside of my photography work. As the year went on, and as a second journal was started, I found myself really taken by some of my creations. 

I began participating in collage after my first divorce in 1996. Thanks to a Monday morning cluck of woman, we collaged together for several years! I later took the lessons and techniques I learned during that time and shared that knowledge with others.  It’s been over 10 years now that I have been instructing creative subconscious collage workshops. 

The workshops are comprehensive.  No two are ever alike. Participants are often surprised, inspired and experience an unexpected and personal insight into their current state of being. This past year I instructed 8 workshops and I loved each and every one of them.  

My year of personal collage work reflects my deep affection for form, line and color.  My seemingly insatiable need to make beauty from things around me, simply yet compulsively, and an inside look at what my year provided for me artistically.  I allowed myself the freedom to not be perfect, I felt more playful when tearing, I felt resourceful about using materials that often were not my own and often I felt the finished pieces had a boldness to them.

I discovered a strong expression and celebration of femininity. 


I had to smile when images of a cowboy or a fish would show up, these symbolized the man I have been dating! Amusing how that happens isn’t it?


This volume of art, outside my four artist residencies – also this past year, is to date my most comprehensive collection of finished work. 

Two years ago, I declared myself an out of the closet creative – taking on building portfolio and seeking connections, mentorship and opportunities.  I feel like an artist more and more each and every day.  

Inquiry into purchasing my work was another reason I decided to sit with what I had produced today and be clear about what I wanted to offer.

I feel quite excited about putting these out there as a collection and available for sale! Thank you for those who have already purchased my work, your encouragement means everything to me.


Prints - numbered, hand signed

8 X 10 $35 - plus shipping. 

Originals - once sold, no prints will be made. exclusive. 

5 x 7 $55 - plus shipping.

8 1/2 x 11 $75 - plus shipping

Terms above may change at any time



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Photography = a never ending opportunity to capture visual celebrations. 


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