The Artistic and Subconscious Expression Of Collage

September 18, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Today a local gal hosted another one of my collage workshops.  The collaboration was a meeting of the minds of sorts, pretty darn neat when you meet someone new and they want to come out and play.  My collaging life began in the 90's and has been a reliable way to share expression or to sooth or search my inner self creatively.  I have been teaching this specific process ( inspired by Julie Cameron's Artist Way ) for over a decade now.   The method builds community and trust, we tear images that speak to us in the moment and then assemble something that appeals to our inner voice.   I continue to marvel at how each and every time I facilitate a workshop, the results are inspiring, insightful, beautiful and very very fun.   Check out the collages from this morning!!


From Barb:  This was such a great workshop on so many levels. It felt good to play again. It felt good to create something. It felt good to get out and meet new people. It felt good to have your piece looked at by others and to hear how they saw it. It felt good to learn that creating opens yourself up even to yourself. Karen and Michele thank you for making me feel good this morning!

From Jess: I had a wonderful collage experience! I'm so thankful for Karen for being in my life and inspiring me to try new things and find inner artistic me again. I am happy I met new people and am able to make new connections, and it was a beautiful day to art (any day is a beautiful day to art) with beautiful people!






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