Our Imaginary Friend Griselia

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I answered a call for art from Make.Shift Gallery. 

Every year, Make.Shift Gallery celebrates Kid's Art Walk in May. This year, they partnered with Cedar Tree Montessori and asked 4th to 6th grade students to create artistic renderings of their imaginary friends. We invite YOU to create a piece of art inspired by the work of these talented kids. Our exhibit will display these works by students and local artists side-by-side through the month of May. The opening will be on Art Walk Friday, May 4th from 6-10pm.

I was given this adorable visual prompt

PLUS this description:

My Imaginary Friend by Amaia.

Her name is Griselia she is 4.5 feet tall. She wears black and red leafs formed into a dress. She wears black flats. She has a big black and red flower in her long black hair that flows into the wind as if it were part of it. She can morph into any animal that is not smaller than a fox. She has blood red eyes and is great with a bow and arrow. ( that she always carries around just in case ) She was abandoned as a baby but thankfully someone took her in. The person that took her in was a warrior and when she took her in and she was trained to be one of the highest trained warriors. She is very protective of her land, and I should know. I am Griselia

i had an afternoon to give to it. I was lucky to immediately find a red eye.

that image find was where the collage began. 

The piece evolved into a sword which was appropriate for the warrior that Amaia described.

In two places a bow and arrow is implied, and below the handle of the sword are shooting rays of iight, a bit like the movement of arrows

I did the best with what I could find for her costume - it called for red and black leaves, all i could muster visually were black and red petals and black and white feathers. i think adding the armour helped, but i admit that section is a bit busy.

her hair became what morphed like a fox, i felt the braid instilled strength and what flowed into the wind was a head full of flowers


The piece evolved into an 18 x 24 Collage!

Framing as you know is a challenge for me.

I asked around for a spare 

and one was found, and gifted to me.  


I oiled the wood

( coconut oil and vinegar )

 and it was JUST perfect.

Took a friend to May's artist walk - she caught this one of me: 











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Photography = a never ending opportunity to capture visual celebrations. 


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