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I have written this post multiple times and for some reason my template was being very finicky. Image files were too large, too many or I could not add content the way I originally planned. This will have to do.  My art collection will have to speak for itself. 

 This by the way is a pandemic project. I personally began my social distancing on 3/9.

Ideas exploded all over social media on ways to stay in touch. Tahnee Lathrop of Retrofit Culture posted on Instagram about doing a home art tour. I thought, "I really like that idea." Artist/ Gallery owner Jan Brandt completely took off with the idea. Gosh, talk about an art collection. Both ladies do really well with Instagram. I, on the other hand, do not. I have no idea how to get all of these images to Instagram except to share a blog post link. 

It wasn't until my cat Amber got her claw stuck in this tin mirror that I took on the home art tour idea with a sense of purpose. Now finished, I am glad that I took this on as a project. There is a lot of inspiration, calm and love in this art. Thank you fellow artist friends. 

( i know, her claw is stuck. poor thing )

( by the by, the tin mirror looks way better over here on this brown door. ) 

The project came at a good time to rearrange some art. It took me a long time to complete the project because I am picky. And then it took me longer because I couldn't decide how picky I wanted to be. and then I felt overwhelmed. UGH. I have a LOT of art. When I've moved. Letting go of art was NOT negotiable. 

My home is TINY. Basically, it's one room with a kitchen/bathroom. None of the exterior walls are valid for hanging art. They are cinder block. I use old leaning doors as a solution to that.

What makes this apartment amazing are the TWO absolutely huge windows. From my writing chair, the view has me feel like the outside is positively touchable. 

Before I begin the official narrative, two things. 

I live for visual celebrations and find a lot of joy in my home. Simple every day things like my toaster, dirty cutlery and my unmade bed are an example of what I tend to take images of. 

While photographing this project I had trouble with glare. The light in the bathroom was terrible. By the time I got to the bathroom I was feeling pretty impatient about the project. I was less picky.

I am always rearranging things. Like all the time rearranging, so the obsessive part of me wants to now take a different picture because I've moved something. 

I had to let that go. 

As I review over 200 images, I am really not quite sure how to roll it all out, but here goes. I did a terrible job identifying artists. and even misnamed some. If you see an error - please tell me. 

LIVING ROOM - works by me, micheopolis, cooper lanza, tom stella, camilla engman, karen k mueller, morris, todd schaak, tara johnson, thea burger, kate rozycki and unknown

Kitchen - many works unknown, me, kate rozycki, margaret trost,ashley cecil, william butler, zoe, michael, 


Studio/Hallway/Buffet - me, ann scott, unknown, karen blanquart, lisa calvert, klunk, dylan punke, connie beiber, mike makita,


Bathroom - costa rican painter, kit sunderland, klunk, lisa calvert, me, camilla engman, gary barton, wallace, framed cards. 

My box collection. i began collecting boxes as a teen. There is one from Poland. Others from Quebec. One, a gift from someone who lived to almost be 100.


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Photography = a never ending opportunity to capture visual celebrations. 


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