Pandemic Image Essay 2020

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Each year end I review my image library for themes.  I do this as a way to separate certain images for future use. To submit into an art call, to tour, or to write about in a blog post. When last year shifted to things pandemic I didn't set out to narrate it. I simply went about my day to day. I went internal. I stayed home. Within that ....there is a narrative of sorts. 

I curated over 200 images and hope to make sense of the them and the story they tell by authoring this blog post.

When grocery shelves became empty.

When the lobby gathering space in my building was was put away.

When I began to perfect the 2 week grocery shop.

When plastic replaced paper bags.

When the beauty I could find at home included my bed unmade or not.

When I made do with a scarf for a mask because I was having a reaction to the elastic versions. the scarf was not a particularly sustainable solution. I looked like an insect or something

When I was gifted a proper mask with ties vs elastic, and mask selfies became a thing.

When spring happened

When streets were eerily empty

When moments outside were beautiful

When dirty cutlery became an artist statement

When Amber posed for me

When food was cause for an image taking pause....or image taking entertainment

When doing laundry seemed to be an accomplishment

When simple object/s in my home caught my photographers eye

When out in the community I saw a statue wearing a mask

When making art, stitched collage art. specifically a crazy quilt style but with paper, consumed much of my time. I made over 40 bird collages this fall.


Guadalupe carcara - extinctGuadalupe carcara - extinctGuadalupe carcara - extinct purple martinpurple martinpurple martin NFSNFSNFS SOLD - mama bluebird and babiesSOLD - mama bluebird and babiesSOLD - mama bluebird and babies

When Amber tried to help me sew and made me really laugh

When a ponytail became the covid hairstyle. 

When baking from a box was a form of entertainment.

When my view from my window gifted me a dose of nature or a cat or beauty

when my glass things emphasized the light or view

When payment with my food stamp card was now allowed for grocery pick up.

When the sun was bright and the shadows took my breath away

When it rained or the wind was epic

When dishes broke

When goals were set and reached, and the reward was cake. really good cake!

When our air quality got scary because of smoke from neighboring state fires

When gifts were given.

When getting new glasses or replacing an 11 year old lap top wasn't simple. at all.

When I decided on what to send as my holiday greeting.

When the holidays happened.  or tried to happen.

When it snowed beautifully on the first day of winter like it is suppose to.

When all my toe socks are in the laundry but you still find dork status

when reaching is with claws out

When I left my apartment and found the shadow of myself.

When patterns formed.  Post office, groceries, pharmacy ...repeat.

Finally a few random captures. my door - decorated for fall, new glasses, a heat pad thing, amber in black and white, grateful for social distancing, footwear bling

The End.

this blog post would only allow so much photography. The full portfolio of images can be found HERE




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Photography = a never ending opportunity to capture visual celebrations. 


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