Featuring Blooming Garden Designs At Wellness Expo

April 03, 2013  •  1 Comment


This year I will be displaying a visual narrative on the expertise of Gardener Cindy Eack at the Illinois Wesleyan Sustainable Living And Wellness Expo 

The expo is a long standing wonderful day long immersion into local efforts of wellness experts and those shifting to a more sustainable lifestyle.  It's informative, fun and very well attended.

As a photographer it was my role to capture what it is Cindy loves to do so that she could use images as part of her business materials.   Cindy is all about helping the homeowner with a plan.  She specializes in integrating landscape elements into a cohesive design.  It's easy to be with the beauty of a garden and the enthusiasm of someone like Cindy.  

At my booth, you can come meet Cindy hear about her work as well as hear about how my photography was useful to her.  I will have a small selection of prints and greeting cards for sale.   I get to shoot the expo which i am really looking forward to!!




Missy Smock(non-registered)
We are thrilled to have Karen be the Expo photographer this year. It seems a number of us who organize this event and run it never seem to get very good photos that really capture the spirit of this event! This year with over 100 exhibitors and all the activities that go on simultaneously, it will be wonderful to have someone with an artistic vision see all the magic that is enfolding as we all continue down the path of learning how to create a more sustainable future for the health of all living things! Whew!
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Photography = a never ending opportunity to capture visual celebrations. 


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