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I am delighted to be offering our 5th Calendar celebrating all things Amber The Cat.

This year the donation aspect of our project is optional. 

When my calendar project began I was feeling grateful for things humane society and how I found my Amber. I wanted to give back in a way that represented how I fell in love with her through my photography. The first 3 years the fundraiser did rather well, but last year sales were down by 50%. The donation I sent was mostly my small bit of profit. 

Am I willing to donate my profits to the humane society? I totally am. It just wasn't very much. 

I chose the print on demand creation model because I wanted someone else to manage hosting calendar stock, product mailers, and treks to the PO. I didn't want to try and figure out online calendar templates. I wanted to work with another human. Someone local and someone who cares. I still feel this is the best way to manage calendar sales. This method is a bit more expensive. 

Below is this years pricing. Preferred payment is PayPal, I take Venmo. I will also accept a check. 

2024 calendar w/tax $22

locals you may pick up or delivery is FREE - thank you Applied Digital!

to ship media mail - least expensive, no tracking. w/tax $31

to ship priority mail - includes tracking. w/tax $35

no first class mail option this year. 

*tax varies from state to state, to keep things simple. The price above applies to any sale in the US.

*the above pricing includes a small profit to pay for set up fee, and photographers time invested

*the above pricing does not include a donation to the humane society


Communicate with me.

Pay me. Give me your mailing address OR Let me know if you can pick it up or want local delivery. I will arrange the rest. 

Amber and I appreciate those of you who have ordered a calendar each year!!

a BIG MEOW of thanks. 

to preview this years Amber image portfolio click here

2024 Cover. "Look how long my tail is mom!" 



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Photography = a never ending opportunity to capture visual celebrations. 


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