Make YOUR 2018 Calendar Using MY Photographs

October 03, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

This make your own calendar thing using my photographs idea started casually a few years ago and has since become rather beloved.

i make a calendar for myself every year and it's a practice of pause usually.

like my bio says i take way way too many photographs. so, when one particular image leaps out at me for that designated month? and one almost always does - that is my selection method. You'd be surprised how long it takes!!

this year i made the selections on the morning of my birthday and an indulgent second cup of coffee.

These are in order of the cover, then Jan - Dec.

Interested?  Contact me. You pay me an artist fee. I don't have a set fee. If I set the fee too high - folks say stuff -  if I set the fee too low then people want to give me more.  Lets discuss - I will tell you what others have paid. I have a pay pal account and this makes paying me super easy.

How it works:  you pay me an artist fee, i send you 13 image files via email, you watch for sales at places that sell calendars - they start going on sale now - some places even offer a free calendar!! You upload my images into the template they offer and make your own!! The months are already designated in the image file so it's SUPER simple.

Happy 2018!!




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Photography = a never ending opportunity to capture visual celebrations. 


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