Language Of The Voiceless: A Group Exhibit At Woman Made Gallery

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Submitting art to a juried show is subjective to the opinion of a juror. Add a layer of friendly competition, and the personal aesthetic of a particular gallery, it's not always a win for the artist. Yet when it is, when a gallery selects your art. It really is a profound honor.

I was introduced to Woman Made Gallery by a fellow artist/gallery owner Jan Brandt. I admire Jan tremendously and I love her work.  Jan's Gallery was one of the first that juried me into a show! I love being part of what other artists are making. As an artist Jan is making wonderfully all the time! I have submitted several times to Woman Made Gallery calls for art without much luck. The gallery is in Chicago and one that I have observed and respected for some time. They have an offer of a fee waiver when you submit. I have asked for this each time I have entered, and they have granted it each time.  It is important to me to submit to as many art calls as I can. Fees can often limit me. I submit to art calls to participate in the art collective. To be part of something outside myself. Paying an art call fee and sending art long distance for a show is pricey. The waiver really helps. I feel appreciative.

My process for submitting is pretty simple. Upon reading the details of a theme. A piece from my portfolio will usually come to mind. I am prolific in my creating, yet for this particular art call only this one piece fit the description for this show. The topic was language of the voiceless. 300 pieces of art were juried by artist Jeramy Turner, and 40 were selected. 26 artists all told. The art collected is provocative and can be viewed here.

This particular show is in memory of artist  Nancy Hild. 


My collage work taps into my creative subconscious mind. The reveal often portrays a personal narrative. 

Artist Statement:

This collage was created when I was 56 years old. It was the first collage where my subconscious revealed itself around the topic of rape.

I was creating with a group of women, and to shift things up a bit we were prompted to pass our image sources to our neighbor and collage with those materials instead of our own. My neighbor was a survivor.

I was gang raped at the age of 17. My rape is a topic I had the least voice about. At 50 I was flooded with memories of my rape. Everyone else seemed to know that I was a survivor but me. Took 6 years to find its way into a piece of collage work.

I see in this piece: shame, youth, a suggestion of force and male anatomy, and a place to hide. Sprocket holes frame a series of rape moments in time.

Exhibit Details: 

The opening reception for "Language of the Voiceless is on Friday September 28th, 2018 from 6-8 p.m. All events are free and open to the public 

Woman Made Gallery
2150 S Canalport #4A-3
Enter through Parking Lot at North Entrance on 21st Street
Chicago, IL 60608
312-738-0400 | [email protected]
Gallery Hours: Thurs–Fri noon–6p.m. | Sat–Sun noon–4p.m. | Admission: Free




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