The Loss Of May 2020

April 29, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

Normally in May, the community here focuses on kids art. The celebration, now in it's 20th year takes over many of the local business windows. It's a delightful, cheery and pride full display of youth art. I've participated in years past in an art project with Make.Shift Gallery, which is unfortunately closed. There is going to be a virtual attempt I hear.

Artwalk is in two days. 

If I was having a non-pandemic May - I would have had art in some of the same places as last month.

It would be the last days of the steam punk show in Chicago, and there would have been an opening reception for a new group show that has since been postponed/delayed. The boutique host shops here and in central IL would be open to the public.

All of that sounds and feels like yesterday's news. Lost. I know it's not even May yet. I am just feeling like I have little to report in the what's happening category. 

I am in general fine. Amber and I are fine. 

In these times I am making almost every day. The making includes making 2 meals a day. Giving hearth a bit more intention. Focusing on the now is perhaps a more positive focus then on what could have been. Truth be, I am feeling flat, I am feeling loss and I am trying with all of me to muster the love. I've made way more than I seem to have images for. I've not paid attention to all of the making. it's a big blur of making.

There is tension. it is self made tension partly - pandemic tension. month end quota tension. my next grocery shop tension, the must do pile of laundry tension. the social media stupid tension. the who's not wearing their mask tension, of which i feel really bad about,  i am not the mask wearing police. i just feel like if i am wearing one. you should too. and if you aren't i want to claw your eyes out. 

it's tense none the less. self inflicted or not

however many weeks now into pandemic times I have certainly been creative.










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Photography = a never ending opportunity to capture visual celebrations. 


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