How To Bind With Paper

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I am binding most edges of my collage work these days. I wanted a way to take my odd sized collage art to a more finished look without the expense of a frame.

I like the way the edges of a quilt look. I started watching tutorials. It wasn't until I found one particular tutorial that I felt inspired. She used a glue stick and folded her binding from her backing. Way simpler than traditional quilt binding. Plus, I wanted to bind with paper. 


Many have asked me how I bind my work.

Below is a tutorial of sorts. I hope it helps


This is a 5x7 photograph that I took of a rose. Pick something you'd like to frame with binding.

Find a backing that's bigger than your art. I picked a backing that matched from a magazine.  Truth be, either side would have worked. 

You want the backside to look nice and the folded edges to frame the art.

Since I super suck at measuring things.

I used a ruler width all the way around my art piece.

( that's my son's ruler from pre-school! ) 

This measurement made for a nice wide binding. A good way to practice. Today? I usually just eyeball it. 


Below are 5 easy steps:

1. Place art in center of backing and secure it using a glue stick. Be sure the side you want to show on the back is correct.

2. fold bottom binding edge up to the edge of the art. no corners are made on this first edge.

3. Side 2 - Turn piece clock wise. Fold left corner as shown. Glue down. Fold corner up to art piece. glue.

4. Side 3 - Turn piece clock wise. Fold left corner as shown. Glue down. Fold corner up to art piece. Glue.

5. Side 4 - This is your final side. Fold BOTH corners. Glue down. Fold corners up to art piece. Glue.

I didn't glue this particular example all down because I use it over and over for teaching. But you can generally see the finished look. as well as the way the back looks. 

Below are a few examples of collages with binding. I also stitch my edges.




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