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November 28, 2014  •  3 Comments

Photographer seeks freelance opportunities.


I love what I do. Providing gorgeous images to tell your story is my passion. I especially enjoy working with clients who are deeply connected with what they do. 

( Coffee Hound anniversary event - catered by Two Blokes and A Bus - Bloomington, IL)


I take great joy in helping to visually share the details of, for example, running an organic farm, keeping bees, or hand-crafting cheese. My clients include bakers, soap makers, artists, gardeners, café owners, and folks developing small businesses. Together we have taken the telling of their stories to another level by presenting images that express what makes them (and their business and products) unique.

( Goat milking at sunrise - Dancing Rabbit Eco-Village, Rutledge. MO) 


Have you found yourself in need of a really good image for an article, your website, a blog post, an application for a show, or simply to explain you and your product? Perhaps you do not have the time or skill to take the photos and then crop and manipulate them into just what you need? You may have thought to yourself, wow – a library of images would be really useful for my work right now.

( organic swiss chard - Ackerman farm, Chenoa, IL )


This is where I come in!  I want to help

As a matter of fact I REALLY want to be part of what you are doing. 

(Mrs. Milkweed's delicious jams - Milkweed Mercantile INN - Rutledge, MO) 


Great idea - right?  Yet you hesitate because hiring a photographer isn’t something you planned or budgeted for. Not to worry.  While I don’t work for free I am completely willing to barter.  Cash for my time and effort and gas money are all part of a negotiation.  Fresh eggs make me very happy.  I have the freedom and flexibility to immerse myself into your project.  Not all photographers can say that.

Let's talk!


( campaign for allowing backyard chickens )


"I love Karen's close up and personal style"

"Karen has such a great enthusiasm for her projects"

"Karen's work is vibrant, distinct and dynamic"

"She really champions the clients she photographs for"

"These were exactly the photographs I needed for my book"

( Peeling paint - barn built around 1865 - Walnut Grove Farm - Knoxville, IL) 


My portfolio is large, so if you will let me know your interests, I can send you direct links to specific examples of my work.


References available upon request.

(Sunflower house - West Side - Bloomington, IL)



I appreciate your interplay with light. That draws me in to your photographs. Best of luck with your endeavour!
Betsy (Eco-novice)(non-registered)
Gorgeous photos! Good luck to you, Karen. I would definitely recommend you to bloggers and others needing a photographer.
Good for you!! You're so talented, it's about time you went pro :)

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Photography = a never ending opportunity to capture visual celebrations. 


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