Danny The Woodworker

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when i first saw danny's frames made from the lath of his 150 year old farmhouse i was very intrigued. meticulously handcrafted, unique, rustic, and a match for the print i needed for my next gallery hanging, i decided to request a collaboration. he agreed

participating in shows is often prohibitive for me.  by the time you order a custom print ( my friend Chris does mine ), pay for a matt to keep the print off the glass, put glass in, frame it ...you've got some cash invested.  it would be one thing if my photography sold.  Not so fortunate. My work has definitely been "seen" and for that i am tremendously grateful.  I am getting better at lessening the expense. This particular frame would be an example of that - instead of a matt, danny put in an extra layer or wooden matt under the glass. the image was dry mounted to provide more stability to the print.  needless to say it worked and I really love the look.  

danny and I met through our affection for photography,  my recent move had me be in closer proximity to him.  he's a kind, quirky country sort.  has a huge engineer geek part to him complete with attached measuring tape and flashlight on his belt. being in his workshop, the place he builds things - solves problems, reminds me of the opportunities i had as a child to observe.  There was a man who did oil paintings a few houses away in his garage. loved watching him. 

the best part of all of this was the care or what seemed like an honest and vested interest in making the frame just perfect. much like the care Chris took in printing it, or the meaning of the photograph when I took it.  something rather human about it all. 


by the by this shoot was part of my july challenge to exclusively use my new camera

going from an intuitive point and shoot to a mirrorless camera with lots of bells and whistles has felt intimidating

what i am learning is to be ok with what the camera is doing.

vs what it CAN'T do in comparison.

simply shooting has made a world of difference in my getting more acclimated to the camera.

how am i doing? 

sure hope you come to see the show, you might get to meet danny the woodworker while you are there!!



The frame turned out amazing don't you think?

danny the woodworker

love the small details of a shop.

danny told me he knew i'd photograph this clock. he was right.

every shop has to have its token cat. danny has MANY cats.  this is BJ. 


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Photography = a never ending opportunity to capture visual celebrations. 


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