The Loose Pages Series

June 26, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

a small collection of collages were created separate from my journal.

i am releasing a few of these pieces.

they are known as "the loose pages series"

my favorite of the series is:

The Loose Pages Series "Cowgirl Blues"The Loose Pages Series "Cowgirl Blues"

"Cowgirl Blues"  is a piece I created after leaving Mr Cowboy, giving expression to my independence. I love the blue antique plate and sassy gal on the horse. 


This small collage release will be JULY's display at The Bureau Of Historical Investigation. Their 2016 tour season is now up and running.  A very happening and bustling time. 

I am VERY happy to say I've signed on for another vending contract. AND,  that my Creative Subconscious Collage Workshops are on calendar through November!! How's about those 2016 apples!! Add that Collage Circle has completely taken off with a full house each event.  All of the above folks is a dream come true for me.  Thank you so!!

Below the release for July --- Enjoy!!

The Loose Pages Series "Blue Ruin"The Loose Pages Series "Blue Ruin" The Loose Pages Series "Make Room For Me"The Loose Pages Series "Make Room For Me" The Loose Pages Series "Caged"The Loose Pages Series "Caged" The Loose Pages Series "Suspicious Fish"The Loose Pages Series "Suspicious Fish"


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Photography = a never ending opportunity to capture visual celebrations. 


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