The 900 Series

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Hello Autumn. 

I thought I'd release another collage series before getting my thinking cap on about marketing for the holidays. The holidays for some of us can be a bit of a bah hum bug thing. Despite the lack of seasonal joy that some might have the holidays happen every year whether we like it or not. Truth be,  I am actually looking forward to ending this year in a festive tone.  It's not that I dislike the season, it's more that my recent personal circumstances haven't been particularly celebratory.  

The 900 series release is mostly work about moving west last fall.  

The 900 Series :: From Abe To AntlerThe 900 Series :: From Abe To Antler

( collage title:  from abe to antlers )

if you remember i secured a roommate and apartment sight unseen. i landed here after a magical month long, love filled beautiful journey only to have said roommate share that I couldn't stay.  Her news sortof shifted the tone of my magical destiny.  While I am far on the other side of that episode of things,  those adventures and angst did show up in my collage work.

The 900 Series :: She was a techThe 900 Series :: She was a tech

( collage title: "she was a tech" )

There is a collage in this release that is especially special. During my 2014 fall artist residency at The Milkweed Mercantile at Dancing Rabbit Eco-Village I made this lovely little piece out of altered paper. Making altered paper is really fun.  The ink of national geographic magazines dissolves when the citrus cleaner citri-solve is applied. Torn in a moment of joy, this was the result.

The 900 Series :: Hula Altered PaperThe 900 Series :: Hula Altered Paper

( collage title :: hula altered paper )

A few other collages are from that residency. A hint of mr cowboy is reflected in these two below. 

Sold as a single piece even though it's actually two collages.  fun to frame separately!!

The 900 Series :: Stare One ( Packaged Together with Stare Two)The 900 Series :: Stare One ( Packaged Together with Stare Two) The 900 Series :: Stare Two ( packaged together with Stare One)The 900 Series :: Stare Two ( packaged together with Stare One)

( collage title: stare one and stare two )

When I released the 200 Series - I played around with making prints. I offered 2 sizes. The goal was to offer a variety of price points for my work.  I did not make prints for any other series.


Here are past releases:

500 Series

Loose Page Series

The B Side Series are the sides "lost" to the back side of journal pages.  for awhile I journaled on both sides of the page. Needless to say some folks get a surprise bonus collage when they make a purchase!

Below the rest of The 900 Series.

Vending currently at The Bureau

The 900 Series :: Blue Party DressThe 900 Series :: Blue Party Dress The 900 Series :: PaternalThe 900 Series :: Paternal The 900 Series :: Burst Of AutumnThe 900 Series :: Burst Of Autumn The 900 Series :: Spectator RageThe 900 Series :: Spectator Rage The 900 Series :: Solo DancerThe 900 Series :: Solo Dancer The 900 Series :: Bird Tinted GlassesThe 900 Series :: Bird Tinted Glasses The 900 Series :: Senses WestThe 900 Series :: Senses West The 900 Series :: Mixed MediaThe 900 Series :: Mixed Media The 900 Series :: Ready To PaintThe 900 Series :: Ready To Paint The 900 Series :: Strike A PoseThe 900 Series :: Strike A Pose

The 900 Series :: Modern LoveThe 900 Series :: Modern Love



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