One Camera Verses Another Brunch

February 07, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

when nature brings you a good dose of winter

Why not make brunch and take photos!

I have been playing with the light of this north window since summer.

The winter season had the light shift dramatically, lots of grey days and it got dark so early, 

but the days are getting longer and, on this day

the light was just exceptional.

I decided to play with both cameras to see what I can observe

one is my trusty canon point and shoot 

the other is my mirrorless lumix

no fingers were lost while making this brunch 

but I did take a good slice out of my thumb


I made a red and sweet potato hash w/ serrano pepper, garlic, onion and red pepper w/ scrambled egg topped with radish greens, green onion and lime. It's a test of will when I scratch make hash browns because you need to be patient while waiting for them to get crispy! Toast was a local sourdough and a boysenberry jam. Its becoming empty fridge club time again and I had somethings that had to be used up.

Here are the canon files:

These are the files from the lumix

I think both cameras did a terrific job.  I find the scene food photography setting that I use for the lumix sometimes pops color a bit too much and often images are too dark.  I can fix that with software. My point and shoot is very forgiving, and does really well in low light - for the sake of this project I just used my auto setting.

Let's compare a few shots - left are the point and shoot. right are the lumix.

onion - i didn't realize i had turned the onion over. ha!








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Photography = a never ending opportunity to capture visual celebrations. 


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