Winter In Washington

March 09, 2017  •  1 Comment

I am told this is one of the worst winters in washington in some time. 

having lived in the midwest my whole life 

winter in the pacific northwest seems different somehow.

i heard that the climate here offered all four seasons 

but not to the extremes 

more temperate.

what i know about winter from my childhood, was that winter was a season

it snowed with great synchronicity around thanksgiving.

it stayed cold and white until march.

st patricks day was always gloomy, moody and muddy.

sometimes though, on st patricks day it would snow.

those tricky leprachauns!

as I got older the season wasn't so predictable

it was messier, slushier, dirtier and colder. sub zero cold, crazy bitter cold.

i felt like winter as a kid was just a time to wear boots and mittens.

not to be concerned about frost bite

i played in the snow, hung out in the winter and found it beautiful in its own cold, but not too cold and wintery way.

not so much these days. at least in the midwest.

i feel like the 21st century go go go does not heed things like winter. 

in the old days

long ago

one didn't commute in winter.

you couldn't.  you were snow bound.

thats what fireplaces, knitting, whittling and making soup was for.

hunker down and cozy in.

stay inside.

do not venture forth into the white covered abyss.

some of this winter felt like that to me here because my car situation in Dec had me stuck a few times. 

stuck in my own driveway stuck.  yikes!!

and, some of the snowfall this winter 

had schools and libraries and whatever else completely shut down.

i LOVE that in this state they don't use salt on the roads

sure it makes trekking on some of the roads a bit of a trick 

but hey stay inside, hunker down ... and cozy in

that's what novels and hot chocolate are for. 

I found the photography pretty darn inspiring

here are a few, ok here are more than a few of my captures!!






Kathy King(non-registered)
Thoroughly inspiring, Karen.
I've missed seeing the world through your eyes-always way more interesting!!
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Photography = a never ending opportunity to capture visual celebrations. 


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