The Theme Is Wild Cut

May 10, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I recently submitted these three collages to a gallery's juried call for art - the theme is "Wild Cut" 

In the past I have gotten really nervous when submitting art, not sure why.

personal sabotage? intimidated? fear of the competition? 

a fellow artist once said to me... don't sweat it, just enter,don't fuss too much, and let it go. there will always be calls for art, and the worst that they can say is no. however, if they say yes - your efforts are rewarded by having exposure at a gallery. the wish of every artist.

and so, in the spirit of not over thinking it...

I entered with this artist statement: 

When I began to collage I used scissors. I believe that doing so was an assertion of control. Once comfortable in the medium I started to tear. I found that tearing offered a freedom, and an unexpected expression. Scissors lost their place. Over time my collage work became a narrative of my day to day. I was the victim of bullying this year. Coming to the other side of that experience I found I could not tear. I was compelled to use scissors. I found the exacting of scissor use very reassuring. I also found the work I produced to example an inner strength and resolve that I needed to know at the time.

How wild!

  1. Golden Goddess

( I’ve got this. I’ve got my back.At my heart’s core – I am strong. You can’t mess with me)

  1. In One Ear And Out The Other

( he was not having anything to do with my version of the circumstance)

  1. Pending Homeless

( the consequence of all of this could land me homeless )







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