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October 17, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

it was hard to choose between touring fellow artists who annually open their studio's at this time of year, vs chasing the spectacle of color that autumn gifts us.

so friends and I did a bit of both.

it was a super great day. really great day actually.

each and every time i see another artists space and their particular making i feel awe, i feel inspiration and i feel a kindredness that helps make my art and what I am doing make sense. some time back though, and really not that long ago I would compare. and my sense of my work and self would diminish. I would keep that envy and ick to myself. I always experienced envy in others as ugly. it - envy would fester though and it would stop me sometimes, mostly in my head, but sometimes in my heart. i think that envy is honest. I just don't like it.

I have to remind myself that this shift - the noticing that the comparing has stopped is really a landmark time for me as an artist. The specific moment occurred this weekend when I was looking at my friends piece on display in the gallery of artist Debra Goldman -- Debra facilitates book making that are personal stories, art and transformation. I did not compare. I reveled. I also felt part of something. My friends book revealed some seriously personal stuff in such a raw and truthful way. Add that the book offered her personal aesthetic, her sense of beauty and really her sense of self. I found myself remarkably taken. I also found myself very very proud of the finished piece. This soul reveal was seriously something to get to the other side of. She allowed facilitation, in other words this final place she found - she did not get there alone. I loved that. Art is so very experiential. I know my work is impactful. That knowing was not always there. I remember a good friend saying. Just make. If you are on track, the rest will happen organically. The knowing especially. He was right.

Thank you friends and fellow artisans.



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