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i want to earmark an opportunity i had to show some nude work with this blog post.

if you are offended by nudity, two of these images may not be of interest to you.

these shots were taken during my winter artist residency

i had many who were open to modeling for me

i had a very crude light set up

and was learning as I went along.

catherine, kim and nik are represented in this show.

i have specific ideas about working with lights

and a look that pleases me

verses a look that doesn't.

i am not a fan of studio photography, at least the standard studio. 

i did not bring this light set up with me since moving west

so, it's been some time now that i've had the opportunity to do work like this.

my 6 pieces were placed in a corner.

my own little corner

the work is small

5 x 7 

matted strongly in dark black and a black frame

they look really great.

one has to step into them to really see them.

In observing folks interacting with my hanging

many backed away.

several spoke outloud of discust


the gallery did not offer a nudity warning.

my fellow artisans in this group show

had nudity as well.

subtle, and very lovely works. 

fellow artists: cyndi carter, katie howard, francia orozco

The opening:



(professional and careful hanging by gallery volunteers --- thank you!)





































































































































































huge empty white space below - have no idea how to correct it -- sorry.


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Photography = a never ending opportunity to capture visual celebrations. 


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