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In 2009 my daughter started college. I bought a little house in Central IL to be near her. I had just started to teach myself digital photography. I began exploring involvement in the art community. I was looking for a place to belong and become a part of

At the time, Eaton Gallery hosted something called an art salon/artist talk. Pam Eaton invited me to speak as a new and emerging artist. During that meet one of owners of Main Gallery 404, a different gallery nearby, bought one of my photographs. She was my first art patron! Imagine my delight!

Main Gallery 404 was a beloved hub in central downtown. Artists paid a small fee for wall space. A single artist was highlighted monthly in it's fabulous window. On art walk, the place was packed and I always made sure to stop and support the many artists I came to know there. As time went on my patron and her partner sold the gallery. In current times a new owner, Rachel, is now running things. She too is an artist. We admire each others work. I am excited to see the direction the gallery is taking.  

Remember that first art salon I attended? I met someone very special that day. 10 years later she's a very dear friend of mine. Despite the distance between us, she and I remain in touch. I get mail from her monthly and inside she sends me these random old photographs. Like pictures of her moms two cats, or the air show, or over exposed geese. I have affectionately used many of the photos in my collages. The work is unique. One of a kind. Ruth is a historian, a writer, and a person with a huge heart. Her friendship means the world to me. When I lived near, she and I spent a lot of time together. Road trips in autumn with a stop for pie and coffee. Just because. Things like that. I can't do that with her any longer but I can tuck a part of her into these unusual art pieces. It felt really good to include her.

I asked Rachel if I could be represented by Main Gallery 404. She said yes. The terms were fair. Now Ruth can see them in person, and others from the community who love Ruth as much as much as I do can see them too.


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Photography = a never ending opportunity to capture visual celebrations. 


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