Birds of 2021

November 17, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

The 2021 Bird Collages are ready for release!

This year they vary in size. All were made with gifted bird image resources by John James Audubon. ( print, and 1977 National Geographic Magazine. These also include papers that I chemically altered, and strips from a masterpiece art book. Some have brown vs black stitching. 

See #3 in the 12th annual Bird Invitational "The Birds" in February at Smith and Vallee Gallery in Edison, WA

#6 is sold. 

If interested in bird work from 2020. Much of it sold, but I am happy to direct you to what is available for purchase. Here is a portfolio link 

2021 Birds

1. Carolina Turtle Dove 12x12

2. Chuck Wills Widow 10x14

3. Great Cinereous Owl 10x14

4. Greated Footed Hawk 6x6

5. Icelandic or Jer Falcon 7x10

6. Mockingbird and Snake 8x8

7. Passenger Pidgeon 10x13





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