Christmas In July 2021

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I love holiday cards. Do you?  ( perhaps I love holiday mail. actually I love mail anytime ha!! ) I love gifting a holiday greeting to others. When I first moved west I had to give up that gesture. I hated that. I feel like sending holiday cards is a lost tradition. I have always kept about 3 years or so of cards received, and I often separate a special card or two and use them as decor in my home, but I've had to streamline things that I store. So, I decided to cut apart the cards I had, keeping only the prior year with the intent of collaging with them in July. Thus, my Christmas in July project.

Last year I dabbled with this holiday theme a bit.


This piece became my greeting for 2020. I liked that it celebrated winter

This one I used as an image file to have cards printed as thank you notes. 

These crazy Santa ones from one of my photographs are all gone. Each was one of a kind. Sold out. 

This year so far I've made a batch of 4x6 stitched crazy quilt style tops. These are upcycled from the cut up Christmas cards I mentioned above. I've not clipped the threads or bound them. The top can be added to a notecard, or finished to become a stand alone bit of holiday art. each is one of a kind and takes about 90 minutes each to make. note the tighter zig zag. 



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Photography = a never ending opportunity to capture visual celebrations. 


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