Kids Art Walk: Biome Sweet Biome

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Let's make some art! "Biome Sweet Biome" will be the fourth annual collaboration between Make.Shift Art Space and two local Montessori elementary schools, Cedar Tree Montessori and Samish Woods Montessori. 4th, 5th and 6th grade students have imagined their own biomes- they then paint and write about them to give a full picture. These pieces will be interpreted by local artists and each artist's "response piece" will be displayed next to the student painting that inspired it.


My student artist this yearwas Finn, he wrote... "This is my biome! I put a castle in it because I think castles are really historical and cool. I put Ada, mom, dad, me (my family) in the doorway of the castle because they are super important to me. I made a special stage for Drake because he is my favorite singer. He has a great voice. I made lots of grassy hills because I think it would be fun to roll down them! That’s my biome for you!"


Artist: Karen Hanrahan /she

Title: Finn’s Biome

Medium: stitched collage

Price: $75

Gift to student artist if not sold


Bio: Karen Hanrahan found her way to WA State in her mid-50's after living most of her life in the midwest. She has grown children, a cat, she loves road trips, scratch cooking and anything made out of glass. She lives small in less than 300 square feet and values light, quiet and privacy. She makes quilt like mixed media pieces out of paper. Her materials are gifted or found, which keeps her making very low cost and sustainable. She has been a collage artist for over 25 years. Her work has shown in galleries all over the country.  She teaches others the creative subconscious mind collaging process.



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